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Best Ways Of Removing Genital Warts: An Introduction

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

Genital warts are caused due to a viral infection. Never try removing genital warts on your own as it can lead to other complications. The universal fact is that there is no perfect cure for genital warts. With the help of medications or physical treatment, all you do is remove the external outgrowths of this enigmatic infection. With no perfect cure, genital warts have eluded the medical fraternity for a very long time. The only respite for the people who are suffering from genital warts is that most genital warts are not fatal to humans.

According to some research, there are some strains of the virus that may lead to cancer. So, build up your immune system and train your body to fight this unwanted guest. The main characteristic of this viral infection is that you never get to know when you are infected. The virus may get into your body and stay there in a dormant phase for many months to many years. You will get to know about the viral infection only after the external appearances of the genital warts.

Good news is that the genital warts have a tendency to fall off on their own. So, if you have the patience to play the waiting game, go ahead and wait for the genital warts to fall off. However, there are some individual genital warts that may fuse with adjoining genital warts and form a cluster of genital warts, which is even more irritating than the individual genital warts. Once the fusion happens, most doctors will not recommend genital warts medication€"they would prefer surgery. Don't be afraid by the term surgery, this is a minor surgery that doesn't take much time.

The general idea behind most genital wart surgeries is the burning off of the genital warts. However, when the genital warts are burned off, the adjoining healthy tissues are also damaged. This is one of the major drawbacks of the genital warts surgeries. In addition, removing genital warts by surgery can also be very painful, so doctors may even give you a local anesthetic. After you receive the local anesthetic, you will not feel the pain at all. However, after the surgery, you may need painkillers to reduce the pain that is often experienced after the surgery.

As with most surgeries, you may be left with a scar near the site of surgery. This scar may remain for a very long time after the surgery. Most doctors are help less and can do very little about the scar. After the surgery for genital warts, you may be advised total bed rest depending upon the type of surgery and the number of genital warts that were burned off. Try and maintain your cool before and after the surgery. Most surgeries have a very negative impact on the behavior of the patients.

Bleeding is often associated with the genital warts surgery because genital warts have their own blood supply. You may have to tell the doctor of you have bleeding for more than a week. During most genital wart surgeries, doctors or surgeons take great care and ensure that no blood vessels are damaged. Because the genital areas are very sensitive areas of the body, doctors may go in for a surgery only after the genital warts medications have failed. Common genital wart medications are as follows:

  • Podofilox
  • Podophyllum resin
  • Interferon alpha-n3
  • Trichloroacetic acid
  • 5-Fluorouracil
  • Imiquimod

The Podophyllum resin needs to be applied under medical supervision only. The application of Podophyllum resin is either done by a trained nurse or a doctor. The application of the Podophyllum resin is not necessarily done in the hospital or the doctor's clinic. It can even be done at the convenience of your home. You may have to pay a little more for this facility, but you save on time and effort. The doctors don't need a huge apparatus for the application and can be carried out within few minutes.

Another similar treatment procedure of removing genital warts is by using Podofilox. Unlike the Podophyllum resin, this medication can be applied by you and the cure rates are much higher when compared with Podophyllum resin. Both these procedures are very safe and do not have much side effects as compared to the other surgical methods.

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