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Best Way To Set Up A Romantic Meal For Two

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 54   |   Comments: 0

There is nowadays a wide choice of sizes and shapes in contemporary lighting fixtures. A long time ago all that was on offer was an electric light hanging from the center of the ceiling by an electric flex.

Now, with modern lighting,  there are table lamps, floor lamps, touch lamps, spot lights, pendant lights, and wall lights to name but a few. Deciding which is right for you is where the challenge is. I forgot, there are energy saving and eco friendly bulbs as well now.

First of all it is a good idea to decide on a general theme of soft or bright lighting. You choose. The atmosphere created can always be adjusted in several modern ways. More and more choices become available to us all as technology advances.

The character of a room can be changed instantly with a change in the lighting. Some of us like to have bright bedside lamps so that we can read in bed more easily. That is also true if you need to read the details of a recipe when you are preparing a meal in the kitchen.

I wonder if a romantic meal in for two is on the menu tonight.

If it is, when you are actually eating it together you would probably prefer softer lighting on the dining room table.

You can achieve a change of atmosphere immediately with a dimmer switch. What about antique kerosene lamps. They will provide a real old-fashioned subdued lighting.

Of course a lot of people simply prefer candles. They will never go out of fashion. You have probably seen in the movies that all large house had candles in a glass chandelier hanging in the big rooms. Eventually the candles were replaced by modern bulbs of the same shape.

Black table lamps look fantastic if you live in a minimalistic modern home. Contrast them with a traditionally white color plan. Texture, color and tone are the three things that can dramatically change you lighting when you vary them. Fluorescent lights normally produce light which is a mixture of green and blue for example.

Mirrors can be an important aspect of lighting in some of the rooms as well. They can magnify the light. Lighting is very different in a bathroom compared to bedroom lights or in the dining room. And lighting outdoor parts of the house are different still.

Today's choices make it so easy to change the lighting arrangement whenever we want to. Any part of a room can be emphasised simply by moving spot lights or floor lamps.

I think that we can all see that the contemporary light fittings nowadays are based around flexibility.

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