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Best TV Pedestals for Flat Panel TVs

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 73   |   Comments: 0

There are a range of options including the TV pedestal. Not heard of a TV pedestal? This is a stylish alternative to a wall mounted TV. There is now more choice when picking the right TV stand for your home, because of lighter flatter TV screens, the TV pedestal is one option gaining in popularity.
Whatever size TV you have there will be a choice of TV stands, but obviously the larger the screen the more important it is to get the right mount, but the TV pedestal can be used for quite large screens as an alternative to wall mounts. The design of TV stands reflects the change in technology from CRT TV s to the larger, flatter and lighter digital screens produced now.
To further enhance the minimalist design of some TV pedestals they have concealed cable management, which always looks better regardless of style. The minimalist design is not to everyone's taste and is perhaps not an option in many family homes where the TV is attached to a lot of peripheral equipment.
For where the TV is attached to other peripheral equipment, variations on the TV pedestal design provide extra storage space.Shelves for additional audio-visual equipment are present on a range of models usually in metal or glass. Another useful feature of some pedestals is the ability to rotate the TV mount for the best viewing angle by as much as limited 360 degrees.
Gadget lovers should note there are television stands where the TV where rise out of a piece of furniture at the touch of a button, then can be further adjusted for optimum height or angle.
Having a flat screen TV positioned correctly is not just pleasing to look at, it also allows you to get the most from your TV by giving you the best viewing experience possible. Wall mounting TVs although very popular is often the least flexible option for mounting a TV. Firstly it requires a large enough area of free wall space, but more critically it is wall space that faces in the right direction for everyone to comfortably view a good quality picture too.
Simply being able to see the TV screen is not good enough to enjoy the best viewing experience from it. With LCD screens in particular, the picture quality is reduced the further you move away from the ideal viewing position. The ideal viewing position is to be level with and perpendicular to the surface of the screen, so you are not viewing the screen at a significant angle either horizontally or vertically. Most noticeably you will notice the color intensity fades when viewing LCD screens at an angle. There is only one ideal viewing position, but the effect can be minimized by placing the screen for best overall position.
The TV is frequently a largest and most dominant piece of technology you will have on display in your home. Therefore how you display this single object that is the flat screen TV can seriously effect the look of your room, either in a good way or a bad way. Some people will want their television to be their room's focal point, either as a stand-alone item, or as part of a stylish piece of furniture that can be modern or traditional. Whilst other people will want the TV to blend in with an existing style and be as unobtrusive as possible. Now with that being the case making it blend in or stand out can have a big effect on the feel of your room.

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