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Best Bed Frames

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 92   |   Comments: 0

A bed is large size furniture used mainly as a place for sleeping and also for relaxation and it is one of the important furniture in the home. Modern beds usually include a mattress which is place above the box spring base. The box spring gives an additional suspension and support for the mattress and it includes springs and wood with a large mattress sized box. The box spring is usually placed above the bed frame. At Couchessectional you can get all these things made up of high quality.

The bed frame or bedstead is a part of a bed which is used to lift the mattress box spring from the ground. The headboards usually hide the bed frame. The bed frames are usually made of metal or wood. It usually consists of a foot, side rails and head. For some model like the king and queen sized beds the frame consists of an extra center support rail. The rails are fixed to make a box for the box spring or mattress to sit on. There are different types of bed frames available in the market.  The platform bed frame is used without a box spring.  The captain bed frame consists of the drawers below the frame which can be used for the storage purpose the space between the bed frame and the floor. Another type of bed frame is the water bed frame which is heavy duty fame. They are designed mainly to support the weight of the water in the mattress. Every bed needs a perfect bed frame for the ultimate relaxation, reflection of your personality and comfort. By looking the bed frame one can easily judge the structure of the bed. The stability and the strength of the bed if fully depend on its frame. The bed frames which are commonly used are made of wood and metal bed frames. The metal frame is the simplest form of frame. They are available in different sizes like the king queen and the full. The metal bed frames usually sits on casters or wheels. Wheels are fixed for the purpose of easiness. The casters are used for the purpose of stability which locks the bed in its correct position. The main advantage of using metal frame is its price. It is less expensive. Metal bed frame are available in attractive designs which match your other bedroom furniture. Another advantage of using metal bed frame is it has a provision for attaching head and footboard.

Wooden bed frames are also designed in the same model of metal bed frame. The wooden frame does not have caster or wheels. Instead of wheels and casters they use the legs which give a nice look after completely assembled. The wooden bed frame provides extra storage place under the bed. The extra storage space provided by the wooden bed frame is the great advantage which is not seen in metal bed frame. The wooden bed frame is little bit expensive when compared to metal bed frame.  The wooden frame can be heavily crafted and involves more labor when compared to metal frame. According to the budget and the requirements one can select either the metal or wooden bed frame.

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