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Benefits of Using Cast Iron Cookware

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 73   |   Comments: 0

Cookware has come a long way since grandma's day, maybe a bit too far. The old cast iron pots and pans have been eclipsed over the years for the newer designs, conceptions and cutting edge technologies. However, grandma may have had it right all along with the old fashioned cast iron cookware for its durability, eco-friendly usage and easy clean-up.

Seasoning Your Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron cookware comes in all shapes and sizes, ready to tackle the toughest jobs in the kitchen. The more commonly used cast iron choices are frying pans, Dutch ovens, woks, deep fryers, and griddles. Made of heavy carbon materials, the cast iron pan needs very little attention to greasing, as the natural iron serves as a non-stick surface when properly used. For best results, the cast iron surface should be "seasoned" to oxidize the iron, a three-step process that will form a barrier from the food and the heated pan. The pan must be cleaned, then apply a thin layer of fat (animal or vegetable) and allow the oil to simmer into the grain of the pan.

Regulated Heating Temperatures

Part of the beauty of a cast iron pan is its ability to conduct the cooking heat evenly across the cooking surface, thus creating a faster and more efficient use of the stove. Favorites, such as grilled cheese sandwich, come out will a perfectly melted center and no burned edges on the bread. Cast iron cookware is ideal for scrambled eggs, stir fry and anything else you need to have complete control over the cooking temperature. Food items can certainly burn in a cast iron pan, but the chef is simply in better control of the cooking situation.


Cast iron is a heavy metal that, under normal working conditions, is almost indestructible. This type of cookware can be handed down for generations, with the same high efficiency in the pots and pans as the day they were bought. In addition, the cast iron cookware collections are typically less money than their contemporary counterparts, and can save you a significant amount of time in the kitchen to clean them. The only drawback to changing over to a cast iron kitchen is some persons may find the weight of the cookware too cumbersome and bulky. If you have youngsters that like to try their hand at making a meal, its a good idea to keep some lightweight cookware available for safe handling near flames, and keep your cast iron collection for the pros.

Cast iron cookware can be purchased at most retail outlets and best bargain deals are plentiful through online shopping sites. QVC and Amazon are just a few of the consumer's favorite places to get you up and running with a modern cast iron cookware set that will last you a lifetime. Never having to replace your cookware again is the savvy choice for those who value a dollar, and it also makes good sense to keep the planet "green" and free of discarded pots and pans.

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