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Benefits of Handheld Showerheads

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 62   |   Comments: 0

A handheld showerhead allows you to indulge in a little shower therapy and save water, too. Three billion gallons of water flow through showerheads every day in the US -- half of it unnecessarily. Most showerheads use twice the water needed for a thorough, enjoyable shower. Both the water itself and the energy needed to heat the water cost you money. What can you do? You can convert your showerheads to low-flow models. This takes a few minutes and costs a few dollars. For an investment of $10 or less you can save up to $75 per year on water bills and up to $50 or more per year on energy bills. Every new showerhead should pay for itself the first year.

Hand-held showerhead models are more versatile and save more water because they direct the flow to where you want it. They also offer a slight energy savings because the water travels a shorter distance between the showerhead and your body, cooling less in the air, which means you can adjust the temperature slightly lower.

Most hand-held showerheads can be clipped onto a wall-mounted hanger, swivel or bar for hands-free showering. The flexible hose screws directly onto the shower arm, onto a diverter valve between a standard showerhead and the shower arm, or onto a deck-mounted diverter valve on a bathtub.

One of the main features of showerheads is the ability to adjust spray settings--narrow to wide, spray only, pulse and so forth. This is handy if different family members like different types of spray. The easiest types to use are those that have an adjustment ring or lever on the outside of the head--so you don't have to reach into the center of the water stream to adjust them.

Most hand-held showerheads have no-clog spray channels for even distribution so you can enjoy a refreshing all-over soak, rinse, and shampoo-off more quickly by directing the showerhead right where it's needed. You can also reach those hard-to-reach places with extra-long tangle-free hoses.

Kids love the tub but are often afraid of the shower for the lack of control they feel under the high, blasting showerhead. Using a hand-held showerhead allows you to adjust both the height and water-pressure for a kid-friendly, no-fuss rinse-off.

And you'll enjoy these additional benefits:

- Thoroughly rinsing away dirt, soap and cleaning products from walls and tubs
- Washing mini-blinds
- Bathing pets
- Watering plants
- Installation is fast and simple

By replacing a standard shower head with a hand-held model, you not only get all the benefits of the hand-held but you can increase the height of the shower outlet by about 6-8 inches. For taller people, this means no more bending at the knees in order to rinse the shampoo from your hair.

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