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Benefits Of Custom Home Construction From Reynolds Architecture

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 41   |   Comments: 0

Custom home construction is beneficial when one wants their own home designed to their ideal look, functionality and quality. Custom home construction started and proceeded with, by a qualified and knowledgeable team of architects will guarantee the home of your dreams with exact specifications in mind, to meet the budget a homebuyer is willing to spend on their custom home construction. Choosing between a spec, or ready made house, and custom home construction, is a decision to be considered carefully.

Custom Home Construction versus Spec Homes

Although a spec home eliminates the requirements of important decision making, the house may never live up to the homeowner's dreams and expectations. A major downside to spec homes is the "buyer's grade" products and appliances installed in the house, to minimize costs and maximize profits for the builders. The buyer's grade products, such as kitchen appliances and cabinets do not have a long life expectancy. The buyer may end up having to buy new products for their home. An advantage of custom home construction is the ability to choose everything for the new home from layout to the material used to do the flooring. This completely eliminates any need for renovation before moving in.

Having custom home construction avoids being in the buyer's market, searching for the ideal house every weekend for months. Custom home construction can even offer the choice of lot to build the house on. Finding the perfect home in a neighborhood that will not please the buyer is less than ideal. While custom home construction can cost up to three times more per square foot of living space, for many, it's a small price to pay. The benefits outweigh the cost when considering that the house will be everything imagined from the exterior, right down to the staircase banister. Deciding on the custom home construction route will involve a lot of choices but in the end, homeowners who have had their house built feel it was a positive experience, and have the opportunity to enjoy the choices they made on a daily basis.

A Custom home construction company that does it all

After making the decision to go ahead with custom home construction the next step is to find a team specializing in architecture, construction management and development. The Reynolds Group is a Chicago based custom home construction company. Since 1995 they have been through every step of the custom home construction process from the initial project orientation and programming, to actual construction work. They continue to stand by their work, for the duration of the warranty on their custom made high end homes. The company has a passion for custom home construction and every project is managed by at least one full-time, seasoned construction manager. Even founder Douglas Reynolds travels to site locations, to offer his expertise and input on every home being built. To view samples of the fine homes that Reynolds Group has commissioned, and for more information about custom home construction, visit Reynoldsarchitecture.

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