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Benefits of buying home DNA paternity testing kits

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

Still people are fond of going to a DNA lab for their DNA testing. These people have preconceived notions in their minds because of their schooling or upbringing, that the only way to conduct an accurate DNA test is through blood. The recent technology where a swab with the samples of tissues collected from rubbing the swab with inner cheeks during home DNA testing is not considered to be reliable in some parts of the world. For all these people here is an update. Conducting a home DNA test through swab or Q-tip is as accurate as taken through blood samples.

Nowadays you can conduct your own DNA paternity test at the convenience of your home, in case you are fighting a battle for child custody, inheritance or any other legal case. DNA testing kits are pretty common these days for DNA paternity testing. You can order it online and they will send you two envelopes, the first envelope will contain Q-tips or swabs that would be chemically treated and the second envelope would have to be sent back to the lab containing swabs with the samples of tissues of the inner cheeks of the person.  Collecting samples through this procedure is painless. You do not even need to insert a needle. You just need to move the swab supplied with the kit for home DNA tests, up and down a few times on the surface of the inner cheek of the child or the person you want to test.  This way you will pick up the DNA samples quite conveniently. You need to immediately seal the samples and send it back to the lab with the details of the person attached to the samples for identification purposes.   

Epithelial cells found at the inner cheek are the same as your blood samples, so there is not even a remote possibility of it being inaccurate, as far as paternity DNA testing is concerned. A painless swab works as good as a sample of blood taken through a needle. Being non-invasive procedure this procedure is safer too.
As far as DNA testing cost is concerned it is believed to be from $100 to $300; however the cost of just the test is around $50, the rest is the fee for the lab. Results of home DNA tests are sent within a week's time. You might be charged a premium if you request urgent results for your paternity testing. DNA paternity labs are very advanced and you do not need to refrigerate the sampled swabs. Paternity test becomes very important in the wake of legal battles, inheritance issues and child custody issues. Sometimes a court asks for further paternity tests in order to establish the truth, so a home DNA testing paternity should be conducted in the presence of a court representative.

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