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Bedroom coloring pages | Bedroom coloring Tips

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 46   |   Comments: 0

* Pick a paper that matches your decor. I chose to do a plain, but textured paper in a solid color (yellow) so that my rub-ons would stand out.

*Get some rub-ons that fit your style. I chose these rub-ons from miniMARKS because of the more classic style.

*Trace the frame onto the backside of the paper. Don't forget to trace the outside and the inside opening. After tracing, cut the outside and the opening, keeping the cut on the inside of the traced outside line and on the outside of the traced opening line (you want the paper to be exactly the size of the frame or slightly smaller).

* Paint the frame (if it came unfinished) with craft paint. I used the contrasting color of black. You don't need to paint the whole front of the frame because it will be covered. Just concentrate on painting the sides and inside of the opening.

* Once the paint is dry, using craft glue or mod podge (I have actually used Elmer's glue too), paint the backside of the paper with glue using a paint/craft brush or spread around with your fingers. Quickly lay the glue side down on top of the frame. Using a bone folder or popsicle stick, press along the paper to get rid of any bubbles and even out the glue. (At this point you could just go to step 8 if you are not doing rub-ons or other decor on the paper).

*Cut your rub-ons out and lay them on the frame where you would like them. Once they are in the correct position, rub them on using the bone folder or popsicle stick.

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