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Be Vibrantly Healthy with the Law of Attraction

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0

Are you the sort of person who looks for ways to improve your health naturally?  The Law of Attraction (LOA)--an effective, life-enhancing way to boost your own health and wellness--may be what you're looking for.

What is this Law of Attraction?  In a nutshell, it says that whatever you think about, or give your attention to, you attract to yourself.

For example, if you place your thoughts on what's going right in your life, you'll attract more of the same. Conversely, if you spend most of your time dwelling on what's going wrong in your life, that's what you'll attract and perpetuate.  

This is nothing new--there's so much common wisdom that supports this!  As the old saying goes, "Smile and the world smiles with you.  Cry and you cry alone."  In other words, when you focus on the positive--on joy--the universe helps you!

The Law of Attraction harnesses the power of our thoughts to influence our lives.  Since the power of the mind body connection is already well documented by science, using it to influence our physical health makes perfect sense.

The Steps
By using the Universal Law of Attraction consciously, you can shape your health to be more like you want it to be.  Here are the basic steps, as I interpret them:

  1. Get very clear and specific about what you want. Whether that is more energy, greater stamina, or healing from a serious disease, want it passionately. Make it a priority. Visualize it clearly and regularly.  Be specific.  For example:  "I want to be able to walk 5 miles with ease and comfort."
  2. Ask the universe--or however you construe the divine force--for what you want.  Do this in a way that is natural for you and fits with your spiritual beliefs.
  3. Believe and act as if greater health and wellness is already yours--"in the mail," so to speak. Believe that perfect health is your natural state.  Be grateful, knowing that wellness is already yours.
  4. Open yourself to receiving improved health and wellness in whatever form it comes. Expect it to come to you through natural, not super-natural means.

Magic--With  Its Sleeves Rolled Up and Its Feet on the Ground!
It's really important to remember that healing won't come  through supernatural means--it will come through the regular mechanisms of the body and the actions of ourselves and others.

For example, when I used the Law of Attraction to help heal an injured knee, I didn't just wake up one morning with my knee magically fixed! That's not what the Law of Attraction is saying. We have to do the groundwork in the manifest world!  I had to go to the gym faithfully and work out to balance the muscles that operate my knee joint; I had to make the appointment with my wonderful therapist and show up and be open to receiving his treatment.  The Law of Attraction brought me the means to my healing--but I had to use them!

Working with Serious Health Issues
Using the Universal Law of Attraction is fairly straightforward when your goal is enhancing wellness, or healing relatively minor issues such as my knee.  It becomes more complicated if you have a major health issue, such as cancer, auto-immune disease, heart disease, etc.  With major health issues, the fourth step--being non-attached to the actual form that the healing comes in--is critical.  

To put it another way, the distinction between curing and healing needs to be kept very clear.  You may or not receive curing--the cessation of your physical disease or symptoms.  But with or without curing, you can always receive healing, which  can come in any form, and at any level of your being--body, mind, or spirit.  

The ways that an outcome of healing might show up for a person are infinite, and absolutely unique to that person.  The key is in remaining open to whatever form it shows up in.

Of course, with any health issue, it is important that you seek and follow the advice of a qualified medical professional. Use approaches such as the Law of Attraction as a complement to, not a substitute for, regular medical care.

It's also important not to use the concepts of the Law of Attraction in a negative way--to blame ourselves or others for illnesses.  Sometimes things just happen to us.  It's how we respond to them that shapes and creates our lives.

The Law of Attraction is every-day magic--the kind each of us does all the time.  That doesn't make it any less powerful.  By being more conscious about using it, we can shape our lives to be healthier and more joyful.

Copyright 2009 Nancy Hausauer.  All rights reserved worldwide.

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