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Be An Efficient Manager - Use Efficiency Metrics

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 110   |   Comments: 0

The effective management believes in efficiency in all fields of activity, whether it is in connection with production, business, services, project development or system improvement. The efficiency depends on proper projection of the activity relating to targets and achievements. This is possible only when they could visualize the future conditions. Metrics is a term used in present day management to effectively visualize the future projections through computer stimulated displays.

Quality metrics and efficiency metrics are mutually complimentary and are equally important for assessing the performance of a business entity. Energy efficiency metrics is a subject that has been in the spotlight lately. IT organizations are facing a crunch situation due to their intense data center power and cooling requirements. Considering this energy situation, The Government of United States initiated proper study of energy management and formulated the USA energy efficiency Metrics. Their Federal and state Governments proposed to make legislation to label all products in respect of energy saving and mark as energy efficient. As per this directive many research groups were forced to upgrade the products design and to make them high efficiency Metrics type to reduce energy consumption of their products.

Efficiency Metrics are applicable for all functional areas and substantial efficiency can be attained as proved by various study conducted. These studies were related to transport, productive time, housing, environment, corporate management, adult's social care and other similar activity. Various studies and seminars were conducted and proposal for Energy efficiency Metrics recommend. They recommended possible ways applicable to Electrical Engineering fields applicable Industrial customers, regulated utilities, Electrical utility companies, Efficiency advisors, State energy offices. These recommendations include required legislation for applicable efficiency standards, up gradation of building codes, making cost benefit studies on energy efficiency projects.

Efficiency Metrics in production activity is the area where specific studies were conducted considering the fact that international competition in marketing the products depends on comparable price and quality. Improvement in efficiency is possible with the assessment of future requirement, possible life span of the product, and how early the product is going to be obsolete. Technological development of manufacturing process and manufacturing machines which will be available in the market will be another consideration. Reduced manpower requirement, improved time management, availability of trained manpower and future economic conditions all forms points of consideration for improved efficiency. All these factors have to be stimulated to make a futuristic qualitative and quantitative product improvement, or change over to all tighter new product to improve the profit and efficiency of the organization.

Efficiency studies are very important for data management. Improvement in efficiency of data management is a requirement of the future as large amount of data that has to be preserved if lost is going to have catastrophic effect on the organization. Efficiency related study and research are in progress internationally in related industry. Efficiency related software for all fields are also under development.

So how can be efficiency at organization managed efficiently? First, there should be a management responsible for efficiency related process. Then there should be a software product that helps evaluate the efficiency, finally, the idea about measuring and controlling efficiency should be spread around the company.

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