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Bathroom Gadgets

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 37   |   Comments: 0

Electronics have become a huge part of our lives - even picture frames require a "plug-in" these days. High tech gadgets in our home once meant owning a flat screen TV or a home entertainment system, but now electronics are used to monitor home security, regulate lights, heat, or even water our lawn. They've worked their way through the entire house, and most recently, to the bathroom.

You don't have to be a techie wiz to digitize your bathroom. Here is a sampling of some of the high tech gadgets available to you.

Splash-Proof Screens:

What better way to relax in a tub then by watching your favorite TV show? Now Austin Lowery of California-based Jetson Systems has come up with a water-proof television cabinet with a fog-free glass frame that can be installed right in the shower or adjacent to the medicine cabinet. This, along with your handy waterproof remote will give you the ability to watch your favorite shows or DVD's while you bathe.

The entire unit can be covered with a two-way mirror that allows you to see the TV screen, and when not in use, all you see is your reflection.

Surround Sound:

What good is a television without the woofers and tweeters? Kohler has designed Sound Tile speakers that can be installed right in the shower walls with speaker technology from Polk Audio.

MTI Whirlpools has gone one step better. By installing transducers in the actual bathtub, it can be connected to your tuner or iPod, allowing you to absorb the sound while you soak in the tub.

MP3 Shower Mirror:

This great little gadget transmits music from your iPod or MP3 player to its built-in water-proof speakers. With a transmitting range of 100 feet, your iPod can be sitting safely in another room. When not in use, the unit doubles as a fog-free mirror for the shower.

The Fish n't Flush Aquarium:

You'll have no trouble finding Nemo in this double-lined aquarium toilet tank that can be attached to most toilets. The aquarium is encased within the outer tank, providing a clean environment for your fishies. It also comes with plastic plants, a fill valve, a flush valve, a flushing system, LED lighting, and a built-in door for feeding your fish. The fish, gravel and water are extra.

The LavNav:

In keeping with the toilet theme, and probably designed by a woman, the LavNav is a motion light just for the toilet. It gives you the right amount of light, in just the right area and shuts off when you leave. Too bad it doesn't put the seat down.

Towel Warming Shelf:

We all know about radiant floor heating for the bathroom, but imagine a warming shelf to make sure your towels are nice and toasty when you get out of the shower.

Super Showers:

Remember when we thought a shower head with a massage setting was revolutionary? Now with multiple shower heads, added foot baths, built in saunas and steam baths, stereos and TV's the simple home shower has evolved into more of a home spa, filled with optional features to enhance your bath time.

Using a digital control pad, the BodySpa Shower from Kohler gives users the ability to adjust the direction and massage action of the shower heads.

The Temazkal from Bain Ultra provides sensory stimulation in your shower by allowing you to adjust the lighting according to your mood, or create a thermal effect with its sauna setting. You can even add essential oil to the diffusers to enjoy aromatherapy benefits.

You'll feel like you've gone through a car wash with the Ambient Air Body Dry System from Jacuzzi. Using the Summer Rain setting, the unit sends warm air through numerous jets, drying you off completely without the use of a towel.

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