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Bass Metal Chords Consist Of Varying Major Minor Types Inversions And Voicings

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Bass power chords are not the only types of bass chords used by various metal bands such a Metallica and Iron Maiden who use steady speed metal bass chord rhythm playing and the kind of bass metal chords that make this music great.  These chords can be made up of a variety of bass chord types such as power 5, power b5, power 4, suspended, altered, augmented, etc. A Major 7 chord for instance, is not the kind of chord type that you are going to find leading the list of ultimate metal chords.

Due to the fact that bass metal chords have the potential to be very multi functional in their application, they are often used as the metal rhythm for advanced metal basssoloing because many times their actual chord makeup is a basspower chord, or like that in concept. So aside from for example speed soloing that you may hear over metal chords, there is often a lot more theory being used in regards to the actual soloing and chord changes.

While lowered bass tunings may be sometimes used on the instrument and various effects for the metal sound, remember that does not have anything to do with metal chords.  The tuning and effects will give the chord a different sound, heavier sound, also depending on the amplifier used there may appear to be more to metal chords than there actually is to the chord structure.  But when it gets down to the chords themselves, they are generally configured with fewer chord tones often just two.

The various metal bands that have inspired and influenced the world of metal all have some things in common.  The types of chords they often play are going to be similar while their unique implementation of them, the rhythms, the song style, the effects, the personality of the players and the songs themselves are all vary different.  Also you may or many not be surprised to know that many of the great metal players know a lot more about music theory, advanced chord structures and other styles than you ever realized.  Most times they are players who have studied the bass in depth and then have focused on the metal style for personal interest.  Get the most our of your learning with a bass metal method of learning that is really a bass course in playing that will give you the metal playing skills and knowledge as much as any other style.

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