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Basic Spa Treatments for Everyone

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

A spa menu can get overwhelming and confusing, especially for non-regulars, so here are some pointers for you.

First, know what you want. Do you want a simple facial or a complete body treatment like a massage? According to a Wesley Chapel spa staff, most people get confused with what they really want, especially first timers so brief descriptions are put on the menu to give customers an idea of what their getting.

Facials come in an array of options. Facials focus on the skin on or face. According to a massage spa in Wesley Chapel, a basic facial should include cleansing, massage, masks, and dermatological procedures when necessary. You can opt for detoxifying treatments to anti-aging. You can also choose to simple exfoliate your skin so for newer and younger-looking skin.

Facial treatments are also meant to relax you with the help of a facial massage. Tensed muscles on your head, brows, cheeks, and chin are manipulated to release stress.

A more popular spa treatment is massage therapy. Wesley Chapel clients of one well-known massage spa have come to enjoy the health benefits of a good massage for quite some time now. Common picks for massage techniques include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, acupressure, and trigger point massage. Other treatments include sports massage, pregnancy massage, and reflexology.

Massage therapy provides a lot of physical, emotional, and psychological benefits for a person. It helps relieve muscle pain, treats stress-related ailments like insomnia and anxiety; and it promotes a sound sense of self. For instance, a Swedish massage targets tired and stress muscles as a result of daily habits and activities. Studies have also shown that regular Swedish massage treatments help insomniacs get more hours of sleep because it releases endorphins that make us feel more relaxed and levelled. This is the most popular choice among Wesley Chapel clients.

A deep tissue massage helps treat chronic muscle pain and headaches. It also helps regulate energy flow through out or body by unblocking joints and deep tissue muscles. A regular Swedish massage only reaches the first two layers of our muscles. The deep tissue massage can reach up to the 5th layer of muscles where lactic acid usually forms.

Reflexology helps us with our internal organs through manipulation of specific trigger points on our hands and feet. By manipulating these points, the therapist then assists in the proper functioning of our vital organs like our heart, lungs, and liver. Reflexology is the second most popular choice of Wesley Chapel clients.

The other specialized massage therapy techniques like the sports massage and pregnancy massage were designed for specific types of people. Obviously, the sports massage is meant for athletes and the pregnancy massage for expecting mothers.

A sports massage prepares the athlete pre-competition and warm down the athlete after the game. A sports massage prepares the muscles by increasing oxygen and blood flow, and it also stretches them for better mobility and flexibility. This massage technique, according to a New Tampa therapist, reduces risks of injuries and decreases recovery time in cases of sprains and other injuries.

The pregnancy massage, on the other hand, relieves the mother of back aches, sore legs, cramps, headaches, and even mood swings. The objective of a pregnancy massage is to help the mother during the gestation process as well as during childbirth by preparing the mother and helping her adapt to her new body image.

Now that you know the basic spa treatments, start dialling and set that appointment with your favourite massage spa in Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, and Wiregrass.

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