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Basic Parenting Tips for Adhd - Help is at Hand

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

The key to ADHD treatment is not ADHD medication - it is simply parenting skills and parenting tips for ADHD is a hot topic right now. Parents want to know how to control their kids, deal with screaming and kicking, temper tantrums and failure to complete homework.

All the kids you read about in the blogs who are out of control and aggressive are sometimes just reacting to their ADHD meds. Aggression is one of the behaviours associated with these psychostimulant drugs, as indeed with marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and other substances. When the parents are interviewed the ONE thing that comes out is their failure to set limits. This is very often the result of guilt or fear or indulgence on their part. Being over strict or over indulgent is going to have an enormous influence on the way your child behaves. The ability to set limits which are realistic is one of best parenting tips for ADHD that you can apply.

Here are some five more parenting tips ADHD:

1. How the family functions is KEY. Very often, the rules are unclear or applied unfairly. Sometimes, the father may apply the rules in a different way from the mother and confusion and misbehaviour are the result.
2. Time limits and setting the routine. The child knows what happens and when it happens. Routine is important to the ADHD child so there is a time limit for watching TV, computer and video games and so on. Letting children know when things are due to finish helps them in their time management skills, rather than finishing each activity brusquely.
3. Getting ready for bed has to follow a set routine as well . Proper preparation and calming down activities are a great help here. This also helps with sleep problems.
4. Make sure that you are communicating with your child and praising him or her when tasks, such as homework are finished. Help them to break jobs and chores into little pieces remembering that their attention span is rather short. This is especially helpful for homework.
5. Children and the whole family are aware of the rewards and withdrawal of benefits if jobs and tasks are not completed or done. A points or star system to win a special prize or treat which are put on post-its on the fridge door is a good idea.

I know one mother of an ADHD child who became a Taekwondo champion and that was because she refused to have him put on medication. Organising outdoor and physical activities together with your kids is very important too as it increases bonding. While parenting tips for ADHD are useful, there is still the question of what type of medication to give your child. You are probably scared to death about the side effects of the
ADHD drugs and wonder if there is a safer, natural treatment for ADHD. Parenting tips ADHD are just one part of the mosaic- the others are mentioned below and should make your life a lot easier and more serene.

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