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Basic Information About Salvia

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 105   |   Comments: 0

Salvia is a plant that produces a psychoactive experience when ingested. Some users enjoy the properties of this plant for religious reasons, while others simply choose to enjoy it for entertainment. Regardless of the reasons for use, it's important for you to understand the origins and effects of this product.

Originally found growing in Mexico, the plant thrives in shady, moist places. In recent years, however, many others have learned the benefits of harvesting and drying this plant in order to sell it to those who wish to use it for religious ceremonies or entertainment. Also known as "Seer's Sage" and "Diviner's Sage," this plant is nondescript. While certain plants are easy to identify by odor or appearance, this one simply looks like any other plant.

It's also important for those seeking this substance to remember that there are two kinds of salvia. Officinlis refers to the herb that is more commonly known as sage, and is used for cooking, while divinorum refers to the herb that offers psychoactive properties. Understanding the difference could save you from the potentially disgusting experience of using traditional sage.

The effects of smoking this substance are nearly immediate and tend to last for about ten minutes. Smokers find that in addition to hallucinations, the plant can cause changes in speech and coordination. Of course, Diviner's Sage affects everyone differently. Like most substances, the effects are influenced by the user's tolerance, weight, and the size of the dosage.

By now, you're probably wondering whether or not Seer's Sage is a drug. Answers to that question are as varied as the people who use the substance. Some say that it's a drug, while others disagree. In fact, about the only thing that anyone can agree on is that fact the effects of this plant are very personal. Many users recommend using the substance in a situation where they can enjoy their solitude; in other words, don't expect Diviner's Sage to liven up a party.

The legal status of this substance varies between states and countries, so those planning to experiment should check with local law enforcement agents before proceeding. If you're uncomfortable questioning the officials about this plant, it's advisable to do an internet search on legality. Some places sell Seer's Sage without restriction, others allow it to be possessed but not consumed, and some completely forbid it. Make sure you fully understand the murky legal status of this plant before purchase or consumption.

Regardless of whether you use salvia personally or simply know someone who enjoys the plant, remember that it is a mind altering substance and should be treated as such.

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