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Bael Himalaya- Alternative Medicine for Diarrhea and Gastrointestinal Disorders

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

What is Bael?

The botanical name of the Bael fruit is 'Aegle marmelos'. It is commonly called as Stone apple, Bengal Quince, bel or Sirphal. Bael fruit is rich in nutrients. The bael fruit occupies an important place in Ayurvedic medicines because of its considerable medicinal value. As this herbal remedy bears strong digestive and carminative properties can be very beneficial in gastrointestinal and digestive disorders like, diarrhea and dysentery.

Bael plant act's as a sink for chemical pollutants as it absorbs poisonous gases from atmosphere. Bael is member of plant species which is known as Climate Purifier which give off maximum percentage of Oxygen compared to other plants.

Bael tree has spread over wide areas of Estern Ghat and Central India. Bael is mainly found in tropical and subtropical region.

Take bael fruit and mix it with jaggery and cardamom (elaichi) powder. It will help one to quench excessive thirst and also prevents bad breath. Bael is taken for diabetes, dyspepsia, chronic diarrhea, heart diseases, and dysentery. Not only the fruits of bael tree but also roots and leaves are used in medicinal qualities. Powder of bael tree roots and leaves is used to cure internal wound.

The mixture of powdered fruit and boiled milk helps one to reduce anemia. Apply paste of bael fruit and mustard on paining and swelled area that helps one to reduce the pain. Use bael fruit with sugar and butter that will help one to improve memory power. Bael herbal capsules are taken for habitual constipation, diabetes, dyspepsia, chronic diarrhea, heart diseases and dysentery.


One capsule twice a day, after meals

Note: Recommended only at the age of 14 years and above.

(Since the product is in the form of capsules, some children below 14 years may have difficulty to swallow.)


  • It is beneficial in the digestive system. The bael fruit, leaves and roots having antibiotics properties and can be utilized wide range of infections.
  • The juice of bael leaves after mixing it with honey can be utilized for relieving fever and catarrh.
  • The bark of bael tree-root which is proven ayurvedic remedy for chronic inflammatory and many gynecological problems.
  • The oil prepared from the bael leaves gives the relief from recurrent colds and respiratory infections.
  • Fruit extracts of bael can be an effective way of protection against the effects of radiation during radiotherapy.
  • Bael is also effective against fungal infections such as thrush or bowel infections.
  • Bael fruit helps in fighting scurvy, which is caused due to vitamin C deficiency.
  • Bael leaves are rich in tannins which reduce inflammation and acts as an effective food remedy for peptic ulcer.

Side Effects:

No major side effects have been reported in medical journals.

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