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Bacne - Vinegar cure

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Commonly referrred to as bacne, back acne is a problem suffered by both teenagers and adults alike. Some of the causes are bacteria trapping tight fitting clothes and not showering regularly, especially after a workout, allowing oily build up on the skin. But what about this Bacne Vinegar cure? you ask. We'll get to that, but let's touch on a couple of the more traditional back acne treatments first.

!. Exfoliation. Gently cleaning the infected area with a lightly abrasive sponge clears away dead skin which can clog pores causing bacne.

2. Apply a benzoyl peroxide treatment to the infected area. This is an effective way of controlling back acne.

Back acne must be treated early because of its potential for infection. Tight clothes and not showering regularly increase the chance of infection due to oil being trapped against the skin. Treating bacne as soon a possible will reduce the risk of scarring and make any subsequent scarring less noticeable.

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Okay, onto the Bacne Vinegar cure for back acne. This Bacne Vinegar cure consists of two natural products:

a) Vinegar - Preferably Japanese Rice Wine Vinegar or, if that is not available, White Vinegar.

b) Tea Tree Oil.

Japanese rice Wine Vinegar posesses fantastic anti-bacterial properties as well as anti-oxidants. Combined, these properties make Japanese Rice Wine Vingear incredibly effective at destroying bacne causing bacteria.

Tee Tree Oil is another natural product which contains amazing anti-bacterial properties, which when combined with Japanese Wine Vinegar, in small doses, make the Bacne Vinegar cure incredibly potent.


Pour some Japanese Rice Wine Vinegar (use your judgement) into a bowl. Add 3-4 drops of Tee Tree Oil and stir the two together. Apply to the infected area with a cotton ball. It's best to apply this treatment at night because this Bacne Vinegar cure does not smell nice!

Check out the links below. This program will cure your Bacne without the use of vinegar or any other home remedies - and do it in as little as two weeks!

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