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Backgammon Table

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 56   |   Comments: 0

The backgammon table is not only a wonderful furniture accessory for your home but offers virtually endless hours of entertainment. There are many styles and options to select from when deciding on which backgammon table is best for your home. Even if you don't play backgammon very much, it's great to have your own table for a conversational piece for guests. This article is to help you decide which type of backgammon table you should purchase.
One consideration is the type of wood that will be used to build your backgammon table. Different types of wood and wood grains offer various textures for the playing area. Some popular woods for backgammon tables include: the classic oak, rich walnut, the red cherry woods and deep mahogany woods. The textures and coloring of the board will be determined by the type and quality of the wood used to construct the backgammon table. You will want to look at pictures of the different wood types to make sure that you will enjoy playing on that type of board.
It is best to select a backgammon table that has a removable glass inlay. The glass inlay will help to protect the table and the playing pieces for the game. Some people choose to actually play on top of the glass to prevent scratching of the table surface from the dice rolls. It is a personal decision if you want to play with or without the glass.
Another important factor to consider when making your selection is the game pieces. The playing pieces should match the table colors and textures to look its best. Many companies offer the playing pieces as part of the order for their backgammon tables. If you purchase your playing pieces separately they might not match the set and look as nice. Inquire with the ordering company if the pieces are included or not.
Many people enjoy playing multiple games such as chess and backgammon. You can purchase a backgammon table that is a multi-game table. These tables offer versatility and being able to enjoy several games from the same piece of furniture. Space is saved in the home by not having to use separate tables for each individual game.
A backgammon table makes a wonderful display piece of furniture to place in your living room, library or entertainment room. You can select a backgammon table with the mosaic table top to bring out the colors of the room. Even if you're not a backgammon player, these tables are fun for guests to enjoy and they make wonder additions to rooms within your home.
As you can see there are many different considerations for purchasing a backgammon table. The wood type and quality, the game pieces and inlay glass are all important factors to take into consideration when purchasing a backgammon table. Don't forget to select matching chairs once you have made your final choice for which table you want to purchase. The majority of companies that sell the tables will also provide matching chairs for your purchase option

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