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By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 33   |   Comments: 0

Backache, as the name suggest, is nothing but pain in the back. It is one of the most common ailments of the mankind. Medically, it can be considered as lumbago especially when the backache is lower backache. It is a discomfort in the area of lower back and this pain could be acute or chronic. Backache is medically known as lumbago. It is the disease which afflicts any region of the vertebral column or the associated muscles. Each of the 32 vertebrae can develop sudden pains which could become a chronic condition. Backache is actually very easy to ease and settle. It is actually easier as the ache usually means your back has tired out and a few muscles and joints have slowly tightened up. This is the second best time to fix your backache. The origin of back pain is unknown in about 85% of the cases, despite sophisticated techniques, which provide detailed anatomical images of the spine and other tissues; we fail to determine what is causing the backache. Although other problems can also cause it, the most common diagnoses include: disk disease, spinal arthritis, and muscle spasms.

The symptom for a backache or burning backache depends upon the cause of the problem. If your back has had an injury or strain, stiffness, muscle cramps and spasms may result. Garlic oil is an ancient remedy for many ailments. Taking some garlic and frying them in some oil of your choice till it is brown and then applying it to the aching back is said to be beneficial in treating backaches. Excess weight or the wearing of the wrong type of shoes can also result in back pain. Regular exercises that strengthen our abdominal muscles are the best solution to treat backache. Maintaining the right posture and keeping our body weight in check can go a long way in the prevention and cure of backache. To avoid backache, it is important to keep the other parts of the body - spine, rib, joints, and leg muscles, healthy too. So the exercises that we choose should focus on improving these related parts as well. Our exercise regimen should be a mix of exercises that focuses on each area of the body.

Some of the other poses are the Camel pose, Cow pose, Locust pose, Lotus pose, Forward Bend, Palm Tree pose and Fish pose all these poses helps in relieving the back pain you keep complaining about. Some other poses which would help you are the Headstand, inverted poses, aswini mudra, plough these all the different poses which can be done if causes of backache is by displaced organs, weak muscles, from menstruation and other problems. Other asanas are tadasana samastithi, tadasana urdhva hastasana, tadasana urdhva baddha hastasna.

In Ayurveda, backache is called as Nithamba Shoola. Ayurveda treats this pain as a vata disorder, which causes both the types of weaknesses, i.e. the bone weakness and the muscle weakness. Hence when deciding on a proper treatment pattern for backache, one needs to consider the vitiation of the vata dosha.

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