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Baby Strollers by Mia Moda

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 75   |   Comments: 0

European market was always very picky, European people test carefully baby products and accessories before they start to use them. Mia Moda offers a nice baby stroller selection, including lightweight stroller, classical, sitnstand stroller, and jogging stroller line. If you consider buying a baby stroller, which should be practical, stylish, and easy to use anywhere - Mia Moda is the answer.
   Baby strollers made by Mia Moda and their features:
1. Mia Moda Compagno - the sitnstand stroller, it is a perfect option for siblings in close age, like baby and a toddler. There are so many benefits of sitnstand stroller:
     - convenient for you and comfortable for the baby,
     - very practical for an active toddler, who needs breaks now and then.
You can plan long walks and feel comfortable that your preschooler will make it, with the help of sitnstand stroller. This stylish tandem accommodates older children with a resting pad, standing board, and handles in the back.
2. Mia Moda Atmosferra - the classical, elegant, full-sized baby stroller, suitable from birth, very comfortable and packed with features:
      - highly maneuverable,
      - gives parents a choice of having the seat face forward or backward,
      - 3- position seat recline with adjustable calf support,
      - removable child tray,
      - for parents, a height- adjustable handle, easy and convenient fold system,
      - lockable front- swivel wheels.
3. Mia Moda Facile - the lightweight, umbrella stroller, suitable from 6 months of age. It is a great idea for a second stroller to use it for running errands and travel, light, and convenient to take anywhere. Features are:
        - easy umbrella fold system, ergonomic grips, large storage basket,
        - removable canopy,
        - 4- position seat recline,
        - front wheel suspension and front- swivel wheels made for an easy ride.
4. Mia Moda Energi - the jogging stroller suitable from 6 months, it is a perfect option for active parents, who want to exercise while spending quality time with the baby. Jogging with your child is a nice way to promote healthy lifestyle and teach your kid, how to spend actively free time. Features include:
        - ultra- sleek design,
        - unique rear brake system, that allows more kick space,
        - lockable front- swivel with an ingenious handle control.
5. Mia Moda Veloce - the ultra- light baby stroller has sturdy aluminum frame and exceptional maneuverability. This is a great option for travel; Veloce is suitable for kids from 6 months old. Features are;
         - a multi- position reclining seat with adjustable leg support,
         - all- wheel suspension, all- terrain wheels.
    While checking on Mia Moda baby stroller collection, don't forget to check on the latest fabric style. Please take a look at newest Kaleidoscope and Willow version for Atmosferra and Energi released in July 2009.

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