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Baby Monitors Safety Helpful Tips For New Parents

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 68   |   Comments: 0
Baby Monitors Safety Regardless of how many baby books you read, prepare to be unprepared for the surprises of first-time parenthood.

There are few rules that you can count upon for every circumstance. In fact, many experienced parents will admit that the time they spent caring for their first baby was a matter of trial and error, rather than methodical procedure.

That said, there are a few "proven" strategies that tend to work most of the time. If you're a new parent, you'll find the following four tips helpful when caring for your first baby.

Tip 1 - Establish A Nightly Routine

The goal is to prepare your little one for bed and encourage her to sleep peacefully. Unfortunately, left to her own devices, she may resist. Create a routine that you take her through each night in preparation for bedtime. That will help her calibrate her internal clock. As she grows accustomed to her nightly routine, her body will adjust and she'll become predictably sleepy. Give her a bath and read to her. Turn the television off at least sixty minutes before her bedtime. The peace and quiet will feel soothing to her and will lure her into slumber.

Tip 2 - Lower The Monitor Volume

Parents have managed to care for their babies for thousands of years without the help of baby monitors. Yet, new moms and dads often find themselves relying upon the sounds of their infants for comfort. Lower the monitor's volume. Or, turn it off completely. Chances are, if your little one cries, you'll be able to hear her without it.

Tip 3 - Prevent Overly Long Naps

If you allow your infant to take long naps during the afternoon, she's less likely to be sleepy at night. A lot of new parents mistakenly think they should avoid waking their slumbering babies. Keep in mind that letting her sleep during the day may mean having to stay awake in the late evening. Limit her naps to two hours.

Tip 4 - Feed Her When She's Hungry

Even though you might enjoy three meals a day at specific times, your little one needs to develop her own schedule. If she's hungry, don't make her wait.

If your infant is constantly hungry, check with your pediatrician to make sure she's healthy. By the time she reaches six or seven months, she'll have developed her own feeding rhythm.

If you're new to parenting, expect to make plenty of mistakes. Every infant is a little different. The advice given in most baby books won't apply to each one. Nor will the advice apply in every situation.

That's the reason most experts suggest that parents follow their instincts. At the end of your little one's first year, you'll be able to warn other new parents that their experience will be filled with surprises.

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