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Ayurveda Can Defer Surgery in Nasal Polyp and Aspergiloma

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Invasive nasal Aspergiloma treated by Jala Neti and Ayurveda

Shyam kali 65-year-old lady from eastern Uttar Pradesh presented with pain and swelling to the Rt side of her nose and Rt. eye. Her Rt. eye was bulging out. She was accompanied with severe headache and nasal blockade. A PNS and orbit CT scan was done and revealed her as having a 34/18 mm mass in the in the intra choanal portion of Rt orbit causing proptosis.Mass was found attached to the posterior scleral layer however was out side the globe. Mass was also found attached to the medial rectus with loss of fat plain in between. Bony erosion was seen involving lamina papyracea on either side. On Rt. the mass was in continuity with the Rt maxillary mass. On left, the maxillary sinus was filled with mass however very little intra orbital extension was found. Bilateral ethmoids were also found filled with mass. Medial wall of both maxillary sinuses found eroded with the mass.

The case was diagnosed as fungal sinusitis invading Rt.orbit and causing extensive bony erosion. (14.9.2006).

With these findings, the patient reported at BMCRC, Lucknow, India seeking management of her conditions.

She was taken up for the therapy with due explanation of its prognosis and the possible consequences of the diseases.

What followed after 3 months is a history.

Her proptosis is gone, her nasal swelling is gone, nasal blockade was removed and the headache was reduced to a minimum.

A repeat CT scan Of PNS and orbit is awaited to verify these clinical improvements.

For more details of the case and to know how Ayurveda can help you in the conditions which are told untreatable by conventional physicians

Log on to www.bmcrcayurveda.com

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call: 00-91-9415022955

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