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Awaken your creativity in 10 simple ways

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 29   |   Comments: 0

OK, let's look at you. You probably want to become a bit more creative and may feel like you just don't have enough or want to feel inspired, that's alright I think we all feel like that, each one of us, at least at some point. Let me just say EVERYONE CAN BE AS CREATIVE AS THEY BELIEVE THEMSELVES TO BE. You were created to be creative; it's just in your nature. Creativity will help you immensely in all aspects of your life, having an advantage over others, thinking up new ideas, solving existing problems, improvising situations, and inspiring others an soooooooo much more. I will share with you a bit what I have found effective in my own life to help me simply create.

Do you remember how your life was, when you were 5 or 6 years old? Can you remember what you did?, Memories?. Well I'll tell you what I did. I would spend my afternoons playing with the neighborhood gang of kids after school. We would do whatever we could to entertain ourselves with what we had. For example we would build secret tunnels through the bushes and call them our passage to another dimension, we made a tree house without plans snagging left over wood from a construction site putting in there whatever we could dream up. We made up some sports and played them till we were tiered. We talked about what we wanted to be when we grew up and created our own future in our imaginations without limitations. We would act as certain characters from movies or pretend we were indigenous tribes building little fires and carving utensils and making spears. And then my dad would call my name and then it was time to go home and do home work, and back in reality.

My point is that as the years went on I would imagine and dream less and less. People would tell me at school mostly teachers that there was only one way of doing things and that if I didn't follow the system I would never be successful.  Doubt, disbelief, fear, and negativity were being embedded slowly and my creative machine was being tamed and conditioned and grabbed by the reins by the society world I lived in. As I look back at it when I was that young I was care free and didn't worry about anything, there was no limitations in my mind what was possible and what wasn't so my mind just gushed out creativity and anything was possible. You're probably saying "well that's just life and that's just how it is as you grow up." That's true we do grow up we do mature and we do become adults some day, but why do we have to lose this imagination and creativity as we get older? Ha-ha its even expected people will say "why are you acting like a child you're an adult and you should be doing adult like things you should think critically about this!"

I'm not talking about behavioral issues and not controlling our self's because we do grow up we became more respectful, learn from our mistakes mature and have to follow the laws of the land that's a good thing!, Im simply talking about our ability to think without limitation, not be worried if we are right or wrong, or what they will think of us or worry about criticism of our ideas if they are expressed or if some ones opinion stops us from creating a reality. This wills cloth up our creative pipes a bit but they can be cleaned out and flow fluidly. This probably won't happen all at once or overnight, it takes time. If you want to get in shape, it does take effort and you do have to exercise t develop muscle and lose your friendly or not so friendly fat. Same thing with creativity, you need to change your belief and thought patterns you do so you will lose that not so friendly limitation holding you back in witch you have been conditioned to think just like that gross hair stuck in the drain and having it take forever for the water to drain out.

So here are some ideas to allow you to expand and discover your creative potential


Relaxing both your physical body and your mind will allow you to operate in a highly creative manor. Have you ever noticed when you are tens and frustrated and you have difficult time thinking? All you can think about is the problem or that which is negative. When your body is tens and not lose than your mind will gear towards being tens as well and difficult to think fluidly. Once you relax completely your energy flows over to more positive less critical and more creative you will be open to ideas that may plop into your mind. Make a continuous effort to recognize when you are tens and tight a lot of time we don't even realize it. So find as many ways unique to you to let go don't worry, kick back and just relax mentally and physically. It's how you were born to live. Just imagine the potential if you were 99% percent relaxed all the time.

2.-Take a smooth nap

Sometimes we are just tired and it takes a toll on out day. We fell exhausted like a wilting piece of celery. It's like our mind and body has been running all day and both are kind of tired. A quick nap will help your subconscious mind re organize things that you have been thinking about consciously and solve some problems while you are sleeping. Doesn't sleep to long this may make you feel sluggish and more tiered after words? A good hammock or couch nap or even on the floor is great, so you don't get to comfortable and over sleep. 20 -30 minute naps are best.


Meditation in all its forms has a fresh amount of qualities to help expand your creativity. Your mind can be a crazy place; there are thoughts of every kind scattering and running around in your mind in every direction. Sometimes it can be uncontrollable they then may form in to emotions and our emotions can powerfully direct us and our actions.

When you meditate you allow a moment of calmness and focus in your mind. You intentionally control your thoughts see and feel a sense of clarity, a cleaning of the cluttered mind. Your creative power will be able to flow once you are free of this clutter. Your mind will then be more open to inspiration and will create ideas that you didn't know you were capable of creating. You will love your mind and be great full for it and the inspiration you receive from above. Your mind is powerful and limitless in potential; it was created by the master creator himself. Never doubt what it is capable of achieving. Here is a simple exercise to meditate. This will take practice but you will get better at it as time progresses. Find a nice quit place, a place of your liking where you can be alone. Sit in a comfortable position on a chair, a pillow or just on the floor. Make sure your back is straight and that you hold good posture. Now start breathing relax and just pay attention to each breach listen to the air coming in and out in and out. Don't stress anything or try to hard just breathing and focusing on that. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes per day. You will start seeing a peaceful mind and creative thoughts will start coming in.

4. - Observe a child

If you have young kids or know some young kids through family or work than this is great, if not it may not be the best idea especially if you're a male ha-ha I don't know your choice. Take the time to look at and observe an afternoon play sesh in the back yard or on the play ground or where ever. Notice what the kids talk about. Try to picture in your mind how they are feeling. Are they worried? Do they care? Do they doubt everything? What kind of ideas do they come up with? Take the time to really analyze them and let your mind go free. Join in mentally or physically. Let go ideas will start coming in and you will feel memories from the past and remember your innate creativity.

5.-Write down your thoughts

I think it could sometimes be hard to remember all my thoughts that I have throughout the day. I started making a little journal just for my spontaneous ideas and creative flare ups that would come in random moments when I was least expecting it. I kept it in my back pack and would take it out and have it handy whenever I needed. It took time to form the habit of writing these thoughts and sketches down but I got used to it and it became easier and easier to do. I would then go back and review those ideas that came to me and new ideas would form. And if I liked a specific idea I would use it and do something with it. You can write your own creative journal and customize it to however you want, with pictures, leaves, cut-outs, quotes, dead insects, and just your blobs of creative inspiration. Start one today it will make it easier to get your ideas out.

6. - Describe your dream world

Take a pen and paper and write down all the cool things you could come up with in a world entirely created by you! What would it consist of? What laws? What businesses, if there are businesses? What kind of foods? Weather? How many suns? Do RED VINES or TWIZZLER grow on your neighbor's tree?  Is it true that the ocean water was always 80 degrees? Whatever you want create it don't hold back anything!!!!You are training your timid creativity to be a loud mouth!  Be as descriptive as you can and let your heart do the writing.

7.-Go for a nature run

Being in a natural setting is always very inspiring. You are exposed to natural elements and it puts your mind at ease. I have found this very beneficial to get out in nature.

8. - Go out and window shop

Hey I'm a guy but I do this some times. Why because I get a feel for existing ideas and styles. I like to design and create art and I have found this useful for inspiration. Kind of soaking in data of what is out there then taking these ideas fresh in my mind and creating something a bit different building up my own thing with just a few existing ideas. This always gives me much inspiration, hey it's free to. I think girls will like this one more, but give it a try.

9. - Do 5 things different

Your mind naturally gets in the habit of getting in a habit. You have thinking patterns that have been layer out and formed over many years in your life, they can even be short term depending n your situation. What you may see in your life is the same things day by day; the routine you are accustomed to guides you almost subconsciously without even thinking of it. Your ways of solving problems become the same thing every time. Your answers usually fall along the same line and your way of doing things is the same. What I want you to do I MIX IT UP. Make a planed effort to do 5 things minimum different every day. Try a different kind of exercise, or talk to someone you normally don't talk to or try a new activities that you have never tried. Make rhymes of the objects you see as you take a walk down the street. Try making your food different or whatever you can think of to constantly mix up the routine in any way possible. This practice can be very fun and can have a whole host of great benefits. You are training your mind to make new patterns of thought and not just to think in the same old way as it always has. New things will come to mind as you perform new tasks. Write these things down if you have to, or just be random about it, it's going to be a growing adventure


Ok so maybe you know what an affirmation is or not. Basically it's a key phrase that you make according to your desire, and you repeat it over and over again to yourself. They can be written out or can be just kept in your mind. The way this works is when you repeat something enough times, your mind will start to actually soak it up and it becomes a belief. A real belief. Your subconscious mind will start working for you and your brain will function according to your belief. This is how advertising works, usually the target customer isn't going to buy the product after seeing the ad just once, but after being exposed to it again and again the subconscious mind starts taking it in and then it's acted upon and the person is more likely to buy the product. With this power and belief formed your mind will be more attuned to being creative and your brain will make the necessary changes so that you can let creativity thrive. An example of an affirmation would be " wow, I am flowing with creativity more and more every day" or " I am a creative machine" or  " there is no limit to my creativity" or " I really am the most creative person I know". These are just some examples you can use or you can be creative and make your own.  Repeat the affirmation again and again and again! Put feeling and emotion into it and visualize yourself being creative this will help. Good luck!!

Well my friends these are ten quick suggestions on how to increase your creativity. There are so many things you can do that I have not mentioned but these will help, I promise.  Explore your mind and find the creative machine inside of you, or just wake it up from slumber if you have to be fluid and express yourself!

PS:  Write me a comment on what you think or on how you feel or what you have seen happen. I would love to here.

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