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Avon Anew Vs. Dermitage

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 50   |   Comments: 0

Another great product in this category is Avon Anew from Avon, a leading maker of beauty products. This product "plump up" collagen layer around your wrinkles to make their presence less visible. Both of these two products have claimed to be the best alternative to injection for restoring your skin's youthful appearance and elasticity. Here are some more details about Avon Anew and Dermitage:About Dermitage
The main ingredient in Dermitage includes Rejuvaline. This is mixture of Lifting Spheres, Glucosamine Complex or UGL, Botanical Antioxidant, Inflacin and QuSomes. UGL is there to promote collagen growth which helps to remove wrinkles. Inflacin act as an anti-irritant that is also there to even out your skin tones and also to balance the other ingredients of Dermitage that may irritate your skin. A patented system, Lifting Spheres helps to retain the natural moisture of your skin and also helps the skin to swell in a small degree. This action along with retention of moisture helps to smoothen out your wrinkles. Natural immunities of your skin gets boost from all the botanical antioxidant that are there in the product. Lastly, QuSomes is there to help your skin absorb all these beneficial ingredients of Dermitage faster. 
About Anew
On the other hand, Avon Anew is there to target three things found in your skin: elastin, hydro-protein and collagen. These products will not only promote greater elasticity of your skin, but also help it to become more rotund. As the skin around your wrinkles get "plumped up", it seems as if your wrinkles have vanished! Simultaneously, the increase in elasticity makes it sure that no new wrinkles are formed. Avon Anew is a line of product and not just a single product; you have items like Rejuvenate, Clinical, Ultimate and Reversalist under it. These four categories are again sub divided into further product types like nighttime application products and daytime application products. 
Pros and Cons of Dermitage
Now let's see the pros and cons of Dermitage. The best part of the product is that it has some great reviews when it comes to effectiveness regarding elimination of wrinkles. In fact, there is one online site that claims Dermitage to be the only product that genuinely can remove wrinkles and also prevent their return for a long period of time. On the other hand, a online search regarding the product, will present claims that this product is a "rip-off" and does not at all help the skin to fight wrinkles, as it claims! Some even say that the samples provided by Dermitage free of cost are scams and one should be aware that there are serious health issues in question since the product has hyaluronic acid. 
Pros and Cons of Anew
On the other hand, Avon Anew comes from Avon which is reputed and established brand in the beauty and personal care business. For years, the brand has been known for their high quality beauty and health products and those who buy Avon products, become lifelong clients and some even become affiliates who sale the products to others. So with Avon Anew, the users know that they are in good hands; and also the money back guarantee that is there with the product, encourages their faith on those product line.
On the other hand getting Avon products is not easy. You cannot buy Avon products from any stores; only authorized Avon dealers are qualified to sell Avon Anew line of products to interested users. Also the products do not have the latest anti-aging technologies in them; they are more based on older methods of fighting wrinkles. Besides, the presence of Parabens in the product is also not a good thing as this is known skin irritant. Lastly, there are many users and reviewers who have used the product and thinks that this product line is not that effective in reducing wrinkles as it claims.
In conclusion, it can be said that though Dermitage has gushing reviews from users who think that this is the best product available in anti-aging category even though there has been complain from users and health warnings. But Avon Anew does not have any harmful chemicals and also is from a renowned brand. But it is not up-to-date with latest technologies when it comes to fighting aging signs. So it is ultimately the users who will decide which anti-aging cream to choose so that it works for them.

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