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Avoiding Injury When Using The Can Opener

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 24   |   Comments: 0

Safety is always a factor when working in the kitchen because there are so many different items that could cause harm to you especially if they are used inappropriately or incorrectly.  Can openers are no different when it comes to issues and injuries that could occur if these tools are used incorrectly.

The risk is more indirect when dealing with can openers because they help in creating the hazard to you.  They are not the direct source of hazard.  The responsibility lies with you in that you must be careful not to harm yourself with the byproduct of the can opener, which is the lid on the metal can or the can itself.  When cut off the lid, the metal becomes very sharp and can cut you if handled improperly.

One great way to avoid being harmed by a metal lid is to cut the lid completely off so you are less likely to cut your hands or arm on the remaining lid which is still attached to the can.  By removing the lid completely from the can, you are significantly reducing the chance that you will be cut by the lid because it is no longer stationary.

Newer style can openers are designed to make the remaining edge that is created by the cutting process dull so there is less chance that you will be cut by the lid that is removed from the can.  The smooth, dull edges can longer pose a threat because they are not sharp enough to cut you.  Other safeguards are being put in place on the newer style can openers which include bigger blade guards and non slip grips.

It used to be that can openers were a dangerous kitchen utensil if they were not used properly, but now with the right safeguards in place and a more conscientious user, they can be much safer and less harmful than ever before.

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