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Autumn Brings Unwanted Visitors Green Pest Control to the Rescue

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 77   |   Comments: 0

When days grow shorter and outdoor temperatures begin to fall, many homeowners begin getting more visitors. There are many four or more legged creatures can be real pests in and around our homes. Rodents, beetles, bugs, and flies can suddenly show up inside our houses by the tens, hundreds, or even by the "hundreds of thousands," as often occurs with cluster flies.

There are various ways of regaining your home such as green pest control or an integrated pest management program but whatever you choose, controlling these unwanted visitors is important.

While many of these pests, such as ladybird beetles, cluster flies and face flies, do no real or direct harm to us, our structures, or our health, they can build up to almost unbelievable numbers and be quite a nuisance. They seem to be everywhere and in everything. They can become active during warm spells in Winter and usually become a serious nuisance again when they try to find their way back outside the next Spring.

Some of these pests can cause a bit of a mess but not much real damage, like Boxelder bugs which leave reddish stains on furniture, floors or walls where we mash them. They can also be present in very large numbers, and their crawling over everything can be annoying, disturbing and high on the "ick" factor.

Rodents and other urban wildlife can pose serious health risks by harboring and spreading diseases such as rabies, plague, or Hantavirus. Many of them can harbor ectoparasitic fleas, mites, and ticks which may bite humans as well. They can often cause a lot of damage to structures by chewing or tearing holes in walls, doors or screens; and damaging or contaminating our food and clothing. A few of these pests are even a threat to bite us or our pets.

If you have problems with any unwelcome visitors, contact Ross Environmental Solutions. Ross is ready to help you identify, survey for and control the pests around your New Jersey home using the Green-Earth Pest Program, the Green-Earth Plus approach or an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

Ross Environmental Solutions proudly presents the Green-Earth Pest Program which is part of a continued movement toward a more socially responsible approach to the environment, their customers and their employees. By taking environmental stewardship very seriously, Ross has invested a lot of time and energy looking into the best way to provide a green service to their customers, from thoroughly investigating the range and effectiveness of the products to be used to the different levels of service. The result was the following environmentally responsible program options.

Green-Earth Pest Program is an all organic approach. However with this approach, customers need to be aware that total control is unlikely and an acceptable pest tolerance is necessary.

Green-Earth Plus uses primarily organic materials, with the use of conventional materials as a back-up with customer consent.

Integrated Pest Management Program uses conventional materials in a judicious manner.

Ross has been recognized for their efforts through by the EPA's Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, in which organizations pledge to reduce pesticide risks.

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