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Autism Treatment - Leaky Gut, Part 2 Of 3

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

In the past I have covered the issue of leaky gut and what the process is that creates a leaky gut and what negative ramifications leaky gut can have on your health, like inflammation and hyper immune stimulation. So today I would like to cover some of the causes of leaky gut along with information on how this issue may be diagnosed. Anything that increases inflammation in the body can increase your chances of developing leaky gut. So infections and food sensitivities can certainly make an impact on digestive health and potential for developing leaky gut. Auto immune disorders like ulcerative colitis and Crohn's contribute to leaky gut as well. They can certainly lead to areas of the digestive tract that may become worn out, it may become stressed and it may become inflamed which can lead to the development of leaky gut. What we eat can also contribute. Eating foods high in oxalates can certainly impact leaky gut. Oxalates are compounds found in many foods, especially leafy greens, and when ingested in large amounts, can create a chemical imbalances in the gut which impact digestive functioning. This leads us to the issue of traumatic injury, including the issue that we just discussed, chemical trauma. Certain chemicals in the digestive tract can make a very big impact on our digestive health and can contribute to the development of leaky gut.

The significance of leaky gut can be determined by certain tests on the market. Although getting a determination with 100% certainty from a diagnostic standpoint can be very hard to do. However, testing can be done to show whether there is a significant likelihood of leaky gut for your child. It is a urine test that measures the absorption of certain chemicals. That can help you begin treatment for your child. Leaky gut is a real phenomena, most commonly associated with digestive problems. But, it can be seen in people with Autism spectrum disorders, other neurological disorders, even in people who suffer from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Underlying inflammation and infection in the digestive system can contribute to the development of leaky gut. Part 3 of my series on leaky gut and Autism will focus on ways to treat leaky gut.

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