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Autism In Toddlers Signs - 8 Important Ways To Efficiently Dealing With Autism Signs In Children

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

Autism In Toddlers Signs

There are several important ways to efficiently deal with Autism Signs in Children. Some of those ways have to do with how we do things. Some of them have to do with how we think about the activities we chose to do. Finally there is what to do with the paperwork.

1. Let people help you early on. Sometimes parents do not want to let their young child go to their friends and families to spend the night, especially a young child with a disability. Let them help you and keep that system going.

2. Work at getting your child's attention. I know one family with a child with Autism who visited a friend who had a miniature poodle. Their child actually stopped and laughed out loud as the dog ran back and forth. They bought a miniature poodle. You will be the person who knows the most about how to get your child's attention. THAT is priceless.

3. If your child can not sustain energy over two or three therapies schedule therapies using large muscles first, like physical therapy. When their energy goes down they can work on smaller less energetic skills like Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy.

4. If your child is wired up the first thing doing Physical Therapy first can use up their excess energy. It settles them down for the smaller work.  Autism In Toddlers Signs

5. Do not forget to have some fun. Sometimes it can seem like endless car rides to appointments and endless waiting. Stop at the water park. Leave early enough to stop and smell the flowers. Spend time watching the birds and the squirrels.

6. Social goals, therapy goals, educational goals, and just life in general can happen at dance class, gymnastics class, baseball, basketball games, art shows, etc. Try one some or a lot of those.

7. Organize files for insurance. Doing this in the beginning will make life unbelievably easier down the road. Folders for each month work well for some families. Find a system that works and change it if you need to.

8. Organized files for comparisons. You want to be able to see various types of reports over time. This will let you see which therapies or techniques seem to be working. This seems to work best if you organize documents by dates. If all the speech therapy reports are in one place according to date you can see progress. Autism In Toddlers Signs

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