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Authentic Cedar Hope Chest

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 62   |   Comments: 0

Nothing speaks of sentimental style more than a beautiful chest. Made of moth-repellent cedar wood, decorated with intricate carvings or striking finishes, and fitted with secure locks and hardware, the oft-called €šÃ„úhope chest€šÃ„ù has long served as a storage piece for valuable keepsakes. The strong wooden chest allows things to be kept inside for a long time.

A sturdy wooden chest, like one made of cedar, has always served the function of keeping valuable articles safe. The requisite locks kept their things safe, and the drawers or miniature boxes held smaller precious items like silverware or jewelry.

A wooden chest was also used to motivate a girl to get married in the later centuries on American families. The girl will receive the wooden chest from her mother and all the things she needed for maried will be put into the chest. Until the 1950s, married life was the only ideal path for proper American women. Assembling a hope chest was part of a girl€šÃ„ôs careful and ritual-filled journey towards that most important event in her life.

Eventually she will pass down this memory-filled artifact to her own daughter, and the cycle of hope-building will begin all over again.

Most of the chests are not longer made out of cherry or oak any more. Majority are made out of cedar because cedar has the ability to repel moth. These signs or decorations are meant to project the proud owner of the box back in those days.

After World War 2, all the former ammunition-box manufacturers became the largest producers for cedar chests. They cited it as the a good item to store the memories of the dead ones in fighting for the country. This phenomenon concertized the graceful box€šÃ„ôs status as a piece of true Americana.

Despite the radical differences in circumstances, the cedar chest remains an indispensible component of the American family€šÃ„ôs home. Nowadays these chests are used primarily as classic home decorating pieces. A chest adds an air of warmth and personality to a bedroom or living room. Usually regarded as antiques, they lend a lived-in feel to the space.

And when a chest has been passed down from generation to generation, its value through its history can already rival that of the Egyptian€šÃ„ôs treasure boxes.

Though when it is opened up, you can find a lot of valuable things inside. When it is a solid closed box, the chest can be used as a seat in front of the bed. There are times a closed flat-lid chest are being used as small coffee table in the lounge or living hall. As you can see, how you can use the chest can be limitless.

You may also notice some do store clothes or linens in the chest instead of the wardrobe. Those rarely-used linens especially those for meant for Christmas decorations, can be stored inside of the chest. Plus, you can let your children to have their toys or items stored inside of the chest. This can served as their memory box when they grow up.

It can be a joy to assemble a €šÃ„úmemory box€šÃ„ù for both young girls and young boys to remember their childhood by. Once the children grow up, they will be able to relive those moments as they open the chest. It can serve to remind your children about their happy childhood, and eventually, this can be passed down to your grandchildren.

It is more than just memories that a hope chest can hold alone. It can also be a container for the lessons and skills that a parent or elder relative has passed down to the younger ones. These would be significant objects for passing down a legacy or tradition that can preserve a family€šÃ„ôs trade or identity.

It is nothing more amazing for a child to discover the contents in the chest for the first time. It's a good practice to have your children to learn how to take care of the chest at the young age. Thus, he knows what not and what to put inside the chest.

The modern world is a fast-paced one. Food can be microwaved and cooked within minutes And because our tools and machines are also always being updated, the mentality is always to discard the old and traditional to give way to the new and more efficient. Material things have almost ceased to have meaning attached to them, save for the function that they serve.

It is important to discover our own roots and identity. Otherwise, we will be no different from the robots. An individual without soul and past.

This could be a good constant reminder of the pasts for the younger generation.

Hope is what motivated countless of people to stay alive and should not be lost in this modern society nowadays. Even so, hope should be passed down to the younger generation, reminding them not to give up in life. You can constantly remind your later generation by placing those treasure into the hope chest.

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