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Authentic Cedar Hope Chest

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 55   |   Comments: 0

Woods are being cut in different ways, depending on the needs and how they are going to be used. A furniture can made out of few different cuts of woods that can combine and make up a nice design.

Plainsawing is the most simple and straightforward way of cutting wood. It will produces rectangular pieces by cutting it parallelly. The reason for plain sawing for being so commonly used is because it is economical but it produce the different grain pattern then the original on the surface.

When plainsawn wood are placed side by dew with the riftsawn wood, you will see that riftsawn wood are more beautiful in term of the aesthetic aspect.

As for the quatersawn wood, the wood is first cut into quater just as the name indicated before making cuts taht are perpendicular to the rings of the wood. This will results in more consistent grain pattern.

Each has their own specific characteristics which make them excellent components of antiques. For wooden chests, oak and cedar is a good combination

Cedar is known for its strength and resilience, especially with changing weather. Its one of the trees that is chiefly grown and harvested for their highly in demand lumber. Its mostly resistant to easy decay. Cedar is naturally insect-repellent and so moths are not seen destroying clothing articles in cedar pieces.

If you happen to look for a long-lasting piece of furniture yet pose a high value in asthetical purpose, you should have quarter sawn oak to construct your furniture.

Combining oak and cedar in a piece of bedroom furniture is a good choice as this process would yield an extremely strong and resilient piece of furniture. However, how the wood is processed needs to be considered.

Cedar on the other hand, lends its strengths and properties to the wooden chest usually as the wood that is placed inside the chest forming its four walls. Its resilience is excellent for its purpose. It can easily take the wear and tear, whatever you put inside the chest. The chest can be made to hold clothes, family memoirs, books etc. Since cedar wood is scented, you can expect that clothing articles would remain fresh and deodorized. It also has attractive colors and patterns that would go well with your quartersawn oak.

With these two combination, oak and cedar, you don't have to worry about the durability of your furniture anymore. It will definitely out last your lifetime.

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