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Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 18   |   Comments: 0

Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms manifest themselves differently in every person. One sufferer may demonstrate the inability to concentrate on simple tasks, listen to straightforward directions, or focus long enough to complete a project; these are considered symptoms of classic Attention Deficit Disorder.

Attention deficit disorder (abbreviated as ADD) is a syndrome exhibited usually by children aged seven years and below. The disorder is characterized by the child's persistent impulsiveness, hyperactivity and very short attention span.

The Attention Deficit Disorder Test is ordinarily performed by a medical professional in a clinical setting. However, many parents, when assessing the need for such a test, may decide to conduct their own informal evaluation prior to deciding whether to seek professional assistance.

Attention deficit disorder is a common diagnosis in children. Years ago, little was known about this disorder, although many people suffer from it. If your child has been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, he or she is not alone. Many of the most famous people in the world as well as many presidents including Lincoln, Eisenhower and Kennedy all had attention deficit disorder.

The child affected by Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is clearly inattentive to a greater degree than a normal child would be inattentive. The affected child is not able to concentrate or focus on a particular activity or thing for longer periods of time. Sometimes part of the problem is thought to be having a lack of flexibility with attention focus. This can (although not necessarily always) create a need for the child to have special educational needs.

ADD symptoms are classified into two main groups: inattentiveness and hyperactive-impulsive behavior. Inattentiveness is manifested most explicitly in school, where ADD children have a hard time following instructions, concentrating on their work, keeping their work error-free, and even finishing it.

The definition of ADHD includes symptoms such as fidgeting, running and climbing excessively, talking excessively, difficulty in doing things quietly and not being able to keep still even when seated. Impulsivity symptoms can include not being able to wait in line, blurting out a reply before the other person has finished talking and interrupting others.

ADHD is the type of disorder where hyperactivity is a prevalent symptom although it may co-exist with inattentive ADHD where the child/or adult is spaced out and has great problems in focusing and concentration. Inefficient and messy multi-tasking may well be a symptom of this behaviour disorder. As well as treating this condition with one of several drugs similar to Stattera (Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall are others), there are several other alternative therapies which can either replace these potentially harmful drugs or be used in conjunction with other therapies.

Attention Deficit Disorder children will have a number of challenges to face as they try to cope with time management skills and self-control. If they are not treated at all for ADD, they are likely to carry it into adulthood and if they are treated with ADHD psychostimulants, as the majority are, they are not going to be cured and there is still a risk of substance abuse.

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