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Attendance system helps you in immediately addressing

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Attendance system

you can give out incentives to those who are always perfect in their attendance system and certain penalties for those who are frequently absent. It is a fact of life, though, that there will be times when we do not have control of everything. This may be a reason for an employee to be absent, but be sure to always double check and validate the absences. This is to guard the reason from unscrupulous employees who could become abusive. Not discounting the fact that employees can be absent for valid reasons, you can allow a few absences over a month for each employee.

Since we are talking of a process, normally it begins with step one. Step one in the attendance system development is knowing how to set these metrics. Through this, you will have a clear idea how you would want the attendance system you are developing to look like. If your company is already suffering from high absenteeism rate every day, there is no time to waste.

Attendance system should be formulated and developed right away. But if you are not experiencing excessive absences of employees, it is still not a reason to waste time. Since customers are completely out of the picture when we speak of attendance policies in your company, you will be dealing only with your employees. First, you observe patterns in the absences, the reasons why employees do not come to work. You also determine what day of the week most employees skip work. Gather this information to determine what mainly causes these excessive absences. After the main reason for the absences is determined, think of possible solutions to the main reasons.

This a healthy way of giving something back to your employees. It makes your employees think that your policies are not going to oppress nor harass them while at work. Now that you have already set up penalties and incentives, as well as the maximum allowable days for an employee to be absent within a month, you are almost done in the development of your attendance system. Next thing that needs to be done is to announce when the new policies about attendance are going to take effect. This gets everybody in your company in the same page in terms of attendance system.

You can also distribute waivers to your employees and have them sign the waiver as proof that they understood the upcoming changes in the policies regarding attendance. It should be a more effective way of relaying information. The attendance system development is different for each company. This is because every company has its own attendance system history and records. Others could have a more stringent process, while others can have a very simple process. These may differ, but one thing is common: Both are after the improvement of employees in terms of their attendance system.

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