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Atomic clocks

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 88   |   Comments: 0

Atomic clocks are one of the most reliable time keeping devices today. This is accomplished by analyzing radio waves sent by the cesium atomic clock from the American National Institute of Standards in Fort Collins, Colorado, ensuring that your time is 100% accurate. Atomic clocks will also reset it for time-savings ensuring the accurate time remains.

As atomic clocks do run off of radio waves in Fort Collins, sometimes the waves me endure interferences such as large buildings with a significant amount of steel and limited windows. This may slow down the synchronization process; however the clock will still remain fully functional.

Another thing to consider before purchasing an atomic clock is that the clock will not receive the synchronization waves outside of the United States. This means that the clock will still be fully functional, however will not be syncing up to the exact time.

Clocks247.com offers a large variety of Atomic clocks from traditional wooden mantel clocks to high tech atomic clocks which are able to tell the temperature, days of the week, month, and multiple time-zones. Please visit http://www.clocks247.com/atomicclocks.aspx for a complete list of our atomic clocks.

In traditional clocks they rely on the balance wheel and hairspring of the clockwork watch, however with atomic clocks they rely on frequencies within the atom which are determined by the mass of nucleus and gravity electrostatic €œsprings between the positive charge on the nucleus and the electron cloud which surrounds it. This method of time tracking keeps your atomic clock in sync at all times.

With an atomic clock there is no need to worry about power outages, time zones, or batteries going old which allows you to be assured that you always know the exact time.

There are several different types of atomic clocks. These types of atomic clocks are categorized by the element used to detect when the energy level changes within the radio waves. Cesium atomic clocks are able to analyze the radio waves by employing a beam of cesium atoms. The clock is designed to separate cesium atoms according to the different energy levels. This is accomplished through a magnetic field.

Hydrogen atomic clocks however maintain hydrogen atoms. These atoms require the energy level in a special container with walls and specific materials. This hand crafter container is designed so that the atoms don't lose the higher energy states too quickly.

Rubidium atomic clocks are known as the simplest and most compact of all of the atomic clocks. This design uses a glass cell containing rubidium gas. The gas changes its absorption of light according to the microwave frequencies.

The cesium atomic clock is considered the most accurate atomic clock. These clocks utilize the cesium atoms in combination with normal magnetic fields and detectors.  The cesium atoms are stopped from moving back and forth by laser beams, which in return reduces the small changes in frequencies due to the Doppler Effect.

Clocks247.com offers an extensive amount of atomic clocks including wall clocks, table top clocks, and mantel clocks. Please visit clocks247.com and buy your next clock. In addition to atomic clocks, clocks247.com offers wall clocks, alarm clocks, mantel clocks, floor clocks, melodies in motion, and office clocks.

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