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Atlanta Pain Management Using Chiropractics

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 27   |   Comments: 0

Assuming that the type of pain involved is suitable for it, Atlanta pain management can be achieved by using chiropractics.  Although Georgia chiropractors in general are qualified to use the techniques available to them in the management of pain, for Atlanta in particular you also have a number of qualified Doctors of Chiropractics from which to choose.  

Many people believe that pain relief can only be achieved through medication or conventional treatment, and that chiropractics is more concerned with the muscles and bones of your body than with the nerves that cause the pain.  However, they could not be more wrong. Nerves don’t cause pain:  they simply relay the pain signals to the brain that then relay them back to where it perceives the pain to originate. The true cause of pain is the event that triggers the pain response to the brain. In Atlanta pain management can be achieved by chiropractics when that pain is initiated by an event such as nerve trapped by a herniated disc or a misaligned spine.   

Not only that but a pain such as that from carpal tunnel syndrome can appear to originate in the wrist, when in fact it can be due to a problem with the alignment of the cervical vertebrae in the neck or upper spine.  A chiropractor can then relieve the pain by manipulation of the upper spine to correct the alignment.  Sciatica, which is pain in the large sciatic nerve in the legs, can originate from pressure on the nerve from where it leaves the spinal column to run down to your leg. This can be caused by a herniated disc or bulging disc pressing against the nerve root. The treatment then is to resolve the problem with the disc, and although the pain feels as though it is in your leg, in reality it originates in the spine.  

There are many conditions where pain appears in a different area to where the actual cause is and in Atlanta pain management can be very much a matter of resolving its root cause. In order to do this you have to contact an Atlanta chiropractor, although there are many Doctors of Chiropractics throughout the state of Georgia. Nevertheless, being the state capital, Atlanta likely has more than its fair share, and the popularity of chiropractics is increasing in Atlanta as well as many other parts of the USA. One of the problems facing chiropractors with respect to pain management is that people have been conditioned to expect instant pain relief. Advertisements for pain killers display instant results as soon as the box appears on the screen, and patients expect the same from their doctors, whether physicians or chiropractors.  Chiropractics is a slow process, since it is works by gently training the body back to where it should be.  Bone misalignments, for example, can take a few weeks of manipulation to return to their correct position. They don’t just snap into position like a dislocation does.

That is one of the reasons why one of the first parts of the treatment offered for painful conditions is the relief of the pain, and then the more permanent work commences after that. The chiropractor’s work is to identify the root cause of the pain, and then treat that.  In Atlanta pain management initially involves identification of its cause, because as explained, that can be in a different part of the body than when the pain is felt. This is not just restricted to Georgia of course, and is true of all pain management that is dealt with by chiropractors the country over. First identify the source of the pain, irrespective of where it is experienced, and then treat that cause. Were the pain itself treated, the cause would still be there and the pain would continue once the treatment given had worn off, whether it was pharmaceutical, relaxation or something else.  

Chronic pain relief is dealt with in a similar fashion, although in the case of chronic pain it can sometimes be more difficult to identify the cause than with specific acute pain.  Nevertheless, it is frequently chronic pain that chiropractors are called on to deal with since the patient has likely exhausted the other options.  The most common forms of chronic pain are connected with the spine, either alignment or the discs, and both are prime candidates for chiropractic treatment. In Atlanta pain management, as elsewhere, chiropractics can be used to identify its cause and then to treat the pain where it is generated rather than where it is felt. There are several chiropractors in Atlanta that can offer you the treatment you need to manage and relieve your pain, and also to make sure that it does not recur by removing the underlying cause.

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