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Assorted Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Plays in Ping Pong

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

As a budding ping pong player, you know that this game will test your reflexes, and also your mind. Just like playing chess, ping pong is a game that also requires your mind to think two steps ahead in order for you to have everything laid out and avoid confusion on what swing in your arsenal to use and also where to place the ball in your next shot.

So, here are some different tips and tricks to keep your feet moving and your brain thinking whenever you play ping pong.

The first tip is that you shouldn't stick to one type of serve. Be sure to mix a variety of serves with different length and spins. Practice the different kinds of services available in table tennis and apply them in the game at random. This will confuse your opponents and let them keep on thinking about what kind of serve you will give them every time you serve the ball. You can also try sticking to one kind of serve for three services and on the fourth serve, change it. This will make your opponents to anticipate that you will use your old serve and is a good way to catch them off guard and they'll make a mistake.

Try developing the third ball attack strategy. In this strategy, you will be the one who will serve, after they returned the ball, attack it. This is a great strategy to be on the aggressive side and not on the defensive.

The third tip is to attack the ball whenever you can. Aggressive players tend to win the point, set and match on almost every game. This is why you should practice your aggressive tactics more and you will be able to accurately place the ball on the table where you will always keep your opponent on the defensive position.

If you are on the receiving end, you will want to keep your eyes on your opponent's paddle. When your opponent is starting to serve, try to get a glimpse on how high the ball is tossed and then get your eyes back on the paddle. Keeping your eye on the ball the whole time will just baffle you with his or her deception tactics. Read paddle strokes and you will be able to know what kind of spin your opponent uses on his or her serves. And, you should remember that the higher the ball is tossed, the more chance that the ball will spin more.

These are some of the things that you have to remember whenever you are playing ping pong. By following these tips, you can be sure that you will always be on the attack and keep your opponent on the defensive position. Out play your opponent by out thinking them.

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