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Asian Weapons - 2 Uncommon Asian Weapons

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Zhanmadao Chinese Sabre

The Zhanmadao is a Sabre with a large, one-sided blade as well as a lengthy handle which was made to be used with both hands. This Battle Weapon was specifically designed to be used against enemy troops on Horseback and has been known to be used before 1100 AD. This weapon is similar to the Nagamaki regarding its design. The handle was 37cm so it was easy to grab it with both hands. The blade was 114cm and was straight, however, the last 50% of the blade was indeed curved. The Miao Dao, Changdao and Wodao were all somewhat similar Chinese Swords.

The Zanbato was a Chinese Weapon that was created a little later. Many believe that the Zhanmadao had a lot of influence on the development of the Zanbato. Reason being that you could use both of these Battle Weapons to execute the enemy as well as his horse with one swing of this sword. The Western equivalent of this sword would be the Zweihander. Their troops were set into formations of Pikemen, whose purpose was to cut the front legs of horses off using the Zweihander. Please note however that many historians still belabor the accuracy of this data.

Southeast Asian Golok Broadsword

The concept of the Golok Broadsword came out of Southeast Asia. It is also considered a style of Machete. The origin of this Battle Weapon is from Indonesia. However, it has been known to be used in Malaysia as well as the Philippines as well. Another name Malaysians give this weapon is the Parang. This weapon isn't locked into one particular blade size. Also they are known to have different sizes and weights. However these weapons do have the tendency to be shorter as well as heavier than the standard machete.

They are commonly used for cutting down bushes and branches. The Edgewise Taper or Primary Grind, which is the part of the knife blade that starts to display its cutting edge, has a much lower probability to get stuck in green wood than a standard Machete with a Flat Sided Blade does. The Golok is typically constructed with Springy Carbon Steel Sword Blade and is usually manufactured with softer heat treatment than other large knives do. Because of this, Goloks are easier to sharpen in the field.

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