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Ash to the Chinese footwear enterprises of

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0
In the remote North Atlantic island nation of Iceland, the sleep of 200 years of Aiyafeiya Della sudden explosive volcanic eruptions, impacts not only the European airline industry, but also affected the global economy in various fields, such as with the aviation industry are directly related to tourism industry suffered heavy losses; from Iceland, Kenya African countries can not be shipped because the flowers have been caused by a large number of flowers industrial unemployment.
    China is not immune?? Xiamen, poor air, there are stores to stop selling salmon. In the ash of the spoiler, the Central European logistics industry is a huge loss.
    I am even more shocked that Chengdu is also because of a shoe affected by volcanic eruptions in Iceland. Since the volcanic eruption a week, the European airline industry almost paralyzed, resulting in Italy's senior leather not timely delivered to Chengdu, so as to produce high-end shoes, mainly raw materials of the brand has been out of stock a week.
    Reflect on our nowadays are from the "Made in China" to "Created in China" and "post in China" era, we wonder, how to rationally look at "Made in China"?
    The reason why world-renowned Italian leather shoes, not just the technology, environmental protection, the surface of the world's leading, in fact, beginning from the processing of raw materials, high technology will continue to affect them, it is this concept that runs through innovative technology, to shoes enduring brand.
    Anti-dumping from Europe and the international financial crisis, Chinese shoes enterprises out of been aware of to get out of "Made in China" embarrassing realm, this is the shoe leader great progress. Many enterprises have realized that to get out of embarrassment, the creation of their own national brand, top priority is to improve the capability of independent innovation.
    But in what context, which links to improve independent innovation capacity, I am afraid that many businesses do not locate good leadership, or innovation in their consciousness does not occupy an important position.
    Of a brand, not a part of realization of the innovation can be achieved, but a system of long-term project. Just work hard in the manufacturing and processing sectors is clearly not enough, also need to look at the overall situation, to the industrial chain in the link given in every high-tech, environmental protection concepts. If that can not, one day, Iceland's volcanic ash is not simply covering the brand to create a shoe the way that simple.
    Europe has been dispersed over the Iceland volcanic ash, European flights have resumed high-level Italian exports of raw materials has resumed, but the ash of influence to bring in China can not stop.
    In the complaint, simply pay attention to their own development, we are truly concerned about the human heart and the survival of Earth itself? Green is not a slogan, not a proof, obtained more than greed; green is the contribution to the harmony of man and nature, is a commitment to start from their own and spirit.
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