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Article Writing - Effective Ways to Increase Your Article Marketing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0
Do you know the difference between successful article marketers and those who are not? Well, the difference usually lies on the marketer's ability to figure out what works and on his determination. Determined article marketers usually spend so much time and energy producing numerous articles to get more inbound links and more exposure in the online arena.

Here's how you can become one of them:

Produce more articles. This is the way to go if you want to easily increase your article marketing. Spend more time in front of your computer and try your hardest to multiply the number of your output. It would be best if you produce 5-10 articles per day. Sounds impossible? Well, you can do it by keeping your articles short (around 300 words) and by working harder. Obviously, you will need to extend your writing hours. You also have the option of hiring ghostwriters who can help you out.

Here are some easy ways to make your articles more impacting:

a. Use powerful titles. There are so many great articles online that remain unread simply because they have lousy titles. Keep in mind that the titles of your articles are by far the most important element as they are the ones that can convince online users to open your copies. So, make sure that your titles are extra powerful. They must communicate the gist and the benefits of your content to entice more people to read on.

b. Readers. Keep these people on top of your priority list each time you write your articles. Make sure that all the information you include in your copies are all targeted to their needs and demands. Also use their language and their preferred writing style. Make your articles all about them to easily impress these people.

c. Stick with facts. Some marketers resort to outright lying or exaggeration just to capture the attention of their target market. Although this might work at first, this can definitely hurt your credibility in the long run. Never misinform or mislead your readers by sticking with facts.

d. Promote easy reading. Do you like reading articles that do not have white blank spaces or those that contain a full chunk of texts? Well, I don't and I am sure that most online users feel the same way. You see, reading something from the computer is way different from reading printed materials. So, make your articles easy on the eyes. You can do this by breaking your content into short paragraphs and by using bullet lists.

2. Maximize your resource box. Use 3 links on your resource box that will drive readers to your website. Use anchor texts that are made up from keywords that can target human emotions and can evoke action. Don't forget to use extra enticing elevator pitch and super powerful call to action to get your readers to act right away.

High quality content. Your main goal in distributing your articles is to impress your readers and earn their trust. This can happen if you make your articles speak volumes about your expertise. Offer your readers with in-depth information showing how much you know about your chosen topics. Share your secrets and insider tips.

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