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Article- When you Meet a Poor Person

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

When you meet a poor person
Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.
Most of the people in India re poor and that is the reason we are still counted amongst poor countries. On the other hand it has been told that at one stage this country was recognized as a golden sparrow. Actually this country is rich because it has got all the blessings of God and all is available in this country. There are mountains, jungles, rivers, minerals, different seasons, rains, seas, oils, gases, coals, fertile lands and hard working people. These are the minimums which are the basics for a developing country. There had been something wrong with us and that is the reason we had been suffering as poor people since generations. The slavery could be a factor which did not allow us turn rich. We had been under rajas, maharajas, monarchs and then for a long period under the imperialists. They had been looting us and they had been turning us as poor people. And in due course we have learnt the art of living as poor people and it is also on record that the people in religions had been misguiding us and they had been telling us that we had born with bad luck which is written by God Himself with His own hands. The rich and the powerful people brought this faith in us and therefore, we never spoke against the rich and the powerful and we had always been accepting this poverty as a will of God Himself.
But today we have entered into a period of science and technology and therefore, it is our duty to have a look on a poor person then we should try to understand his conditions and situations and we must be able to help him. Everyone of us must start on this path because our state has already failed. The people in government chairs had been giving them false promises and they had been getting their votes. The people in power are never interested that these poor people should come out of this poverty because this poverty is the cause of all their illiteracy, unemployment and poverty and the people in seats want that the people should remain in these conditions. If the people are rich and well settled, then they shall be having time to look into the affairs of the state and then they shall find who had been looting them and who had been turning rich and powerful with money which a common man had been earning for them. Therefore, the people of India should expect anything from the state and must come forward himself or take the help of those who actually want to help him. Those are true sons of India who do not give a fish to the beggar, but take him to the river and teach him the art of catching a fish. We all should try to establish these people on foot and if we all so desire, we shall be able to root out poverty from this country. There is everything available in this country and we should see that all get their due share. The people who are snatching away from the poor must be identified and must be brought to book.
Every man should be told that he too can turn and grow as a rich person. They should deploy each member of the family at work and none should turn empty handed in the evening. Everyone should earn and must earn something. We should see that we are on work during the working hours in the day and must come back with money as our wages or as our earning. There is no dearth of work in India. We are 1,10,00,00,000 in number and we all are to live and therefore, we want supply on each front. We also want people to serve us and help us and therefore, we can get work. If we want to serve the people, they shall give us work and they shall pay us wages. We should forget that we shall be getting work of our own choice. For the time being, we should come out of this concept of vocational guidance. We should forget what aptitude and what interests are in our mind. Such a course shall be available to our children and we should pledge today that we shall be providing such situations to our children. We must take oath that we shall give to our children proper education, proper training, proper adjustment at work and shall also see that they run the family administration well. If the state has failed, we should take up this job and we must see that at least we shall settle our family well. If we start thinking on this path, there are sure chances of success and within the next two decades, India shall be able to say that there is no poor person and all are well settled and have come out of poverty.

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