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Article- We Should Start Afresh

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

We should start afresh.
Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.
We have taken our birth and now we have gained wisdom and now we are living a life of our own. Our parents had been helping us and now they have made us able to look our own affairs. We have passed that phase of life. Now we are living a life of our own and we are deciding our own course of action. There is religion, there is society, there is family and above all there is the government who has framed laws for controlling us. all these are controls and we are bound to follow all these controls and obey the directions given to us. We are not free, but even then we are to complete our tenure and shall have to live till the last day fixed by God. We do not know when we shall breathe last, but we know that we are living a life and we have been sent here on this earth to live. Therefore, we are taking birth on each morning because when we were sleeping, we were in the death zone and we were not alive to the situations around us. We were dead like a dead body and we were taking rest to arise on each morning with a new life.
We must take this new birth as gift of God and we must start afresh. We know what had been done yesterday and what had been kept pending for the next day. We know what we had been doing in the past and what we shall do in the future. Man is lucky because he is keeping all these records in his mind and he is also lucky because he has the will and power to start afresh on those projects once again. Most of the animals are not having this power in them and that is the reason they are called simple animals and this man could get the status of social animal. We are social because we are recognizing what had been laid down by our religion, by our family, by our society and by the state and we also know that first of all we shall have to obey all the guidelines laid down for us and only then we are to go ahead on our projects and at at all the stages we shall keep in our mind that we shall not be violating the norms prescribed for us.
We must start our life with vigor today and we should see that we have shed away all tiresome which we had been suffering yesterday. We were having some projects in our hand. We should know that those were pending with us and we are to think about those pending works and must start and finish those pending works first of all and for that purpose, we must utilize the energy which we could gain in the night when we were wholly dead and our body and mind were also at complete rest. God has given us time to relax and He had established this night for us. It seems even God was thinking that this man should be allowed to have rest and for that purpose He had established this night. Had there been no night at all, what would have been the position of this man. Most of us would have turned mad and most of us would have died because of this tiresomeness. We should be thankful to God for providing us with this night and we should avail of the opportunity gifted to us. We should have sleep tenure not less than seven hours continuously and we should not believe that we had taken some rest in the day time, therefore, we are at liberty to save some time in the night. We should have a sound sleep and this sound sleep can come to us if we have got very few works pending with us and our brain is free and at ease. If there are burdens on our brain and we are worrying about those things when we are in the bed, then we shall have to take some effective drug which could take us to the other world. We are not recommending for this process, but you should take rest and we should know that the people who do not take proper rest daily are liable to turn mad one day. This life span could be increased if we take proper rest and that is sleep and if we are avoiding it, we shall become half-mad or full mad. Therefore, we should develop a habit of going to sleep without any aid and if we are really interested in life and that too of a wise person, we shall have to take rest for at least seven hours each span of twenty four hours. And this night has been provided to us by God.
We are talking of rest and we are also talking about starting afresh on each morning. Similar should be our position when we are starting a work for the first time. We should be fresh and we should be full of energy and hope that we shall be the successful person. Well begun is half done and this principle should also remain with us. There could be some hurdles and difficulties in our way, but when we are rising after rest, we shall be taking us that work afresh once again and we should be hopeful that we shall complete the project successfully and we shall not fail. We should be full of energy till we are alive and when we are not in a position to carry out work because of our old age, then we should take up those projects in our hand which we can perform and we should avoid taking up hard and heavy manual work. If our brain is functioning, we should try to come forward with some brain work and we must utilize our brain and past experience in that work and must tell the world that we are still working and we are working for them and for the mankind around us.

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