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Article- Teachings of Then Commanders of the Sikhs

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

Teaching of ten commanders of the Sikhs
Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

If we go deep, we shall find that the Sikhs are the latest religion in the world because their first commander was born in 1469. The Sikhs had ten commandants, Guru Nanak Dev was the founder and the last commander was Guru Gobind singh. While leaving this world, the tenth Guru Gobind Singh installed shri guru granth sahab ji as the Guru of the Sikhs for ever and now this community accepts this Shri guru Granth sahib ji as the Guru to guide them. The people who are living near the Sikhs know that the Sikhs collect at least twice in a day before this Guru Granth sahib, recite great works and then they offer prayer before God. Then the chief priest of the Gurudwara recites a poem from this great Granth and all listen to this work with devotion. They call this recitation as 'Hukkamnaama' i.e. the order for the day and they try to follow this order on that date.
The people who have read this work have come to the conclusion that the following five guidelines had been given to the Sikhs and it is expected that they should follow these guidelines in their life and the people who fail to follow these guidelines are not accepted as true Sikhs. These five guidelines are as follow:-
(1) The Sikh must work hard and earn his living and money for running the administration of his family. He should have honest earning. He should not collect money through bribes, through corruption, through scams, through scandals, through taking commissions and through committing a crime. He must join a proper profession, trade, calling or employment from where he should receive proper wages, salary or profits and must run his family with this money. He may be in trouble and he may be feeling shortage of money, but he should not indulge in crimes and bad deeds and collect money. This is the first and foremost duty of a Sikh and it has been noted that most of the Sikhs are following this guideline in letter and spirit.
(2) The Sikhs have been told by their commandants that they should keep God in their mind and should never forget His presence. When he is dealing with others, he must note that God is present and if his dealings are not proper or he is misleading the person, then God shall note this mistake and there are chances that God shall punish the Sikh. The Sikhs are reciting Guru Granth daily and they also read parts of it daily and most of the Sikhs recite prayer daily and place before God their demands which are reasonable and not beyond their own limits. If we have a survey in the world, we shall have to admit that the Sikhs are the only community in the world who is reciting religious books daily and who are having directions daily. They are the community who are offering prayer daily and they have converted their Gurudwaras in such a way that even they have arranged boarding and lodging there for the visitors. They have made very good arrangements there and we must admit that most of the attachments of gurudwaras are better than five star hotels.
(3) The Sikhs believe in charity and they offer money and commodities at Guru dwaras where people can have food and lodging, if they want as such. They believe in helping others and they are told that at least one tenth of their income should be earmarked for charity and for helping others. They would not like that they should eat when another person is hungry. They are advised that they should help the hungry first and then they should be satisfied with the remainder. And it is on record that the Sikhs are following this line since their birth.
(4) The Sikhs have been guided that they should stand in favor of the weak and must not allow the stronger and powerful people to do in justice with the weak. They protect the child, the woman and the old people and it is on record that they had been performing this duty throughout the ages. When a Sikh is present, you are not alone. He is with you and shall help you in time of need. He would not allow powerful people to do injustice with you.
(5) The fifth and the last guideline given tot eh Sikhs is that they should fight against those who are doing injustice with the weak. They had been fighting against these powerful people and they had been saving the poor and the weak. If we have a look on history of the Sikhs we shall find so many instances where the Sikhs had been helping the weak and had been fighting against the powerful and the tyrants.
The Sikhs are a known community in the world and they are available in parts of the world. where-ever they have gone they could settle there because within days they can mix with the people of those areas and it is on record that where-ever the Sikhs had gone, they settled there permanently and could adopt the way of life, the language, the customs, the traditions of those areas and they could mix with the people of that area and now they are not willing to come to Punjab from where they had migrated. People of all the countries are liking the Sikhs and they consider them as their own people. It is on record that the five principles which have been detailed above are very good principles and other communities in the world are also adopting those principles.
Since the Sikhs are still near Guru Granth Sahib, they are expected to follow these principles for centuries. They are found leaving some traditions of having complete hair on head and on other parts of their body, but still they are very near to the principles which are given below and they are teaching all the people in the world to follow these principles. The principles are common and anybody on this earth could adopt these principles and follow these principles because these are the basics of all the religions on this earth. The Sikhs are firm on these principles and that is the reason some more people from other religions are adopting these five principles.

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