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Article- not Poverty But Poor Shall be Finished

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Not poverty but poor shall die
Dalip singh Wasan, Advocate.
In countries like India, we would not be able to root out poverty, but there are chances that the people who are poor shall be finished within the next two decades because they are not getting all the facilities of life, they are not getting clean and proper food, they are not getting proper house accommodation, they are not getting proper clothes, they are not getting proper treatment when they are ill and they are not being provided with old age pension and other securities which are most needed on old age and when one is ill or infirm.
We have noted that in all these six decades, the state could not provide proper education, proper training, proper work and proper earning capacity to the poor and that is the reason most of the children from poor families are still found at work, begging and collecting valuables from the garbage. What shall be the future of this generation and what shall be the position who were not given proper education, proper training and proper adjustment during the past six decades. These people shall live a life and they shall die only when they are ill or complete their age span provided by God and till that date our state shall have to bear them in this region. They shall not live a life nor they shall allow others to live a life and till they are alive, we the people of India would not be able to tell the world at large that we are progressing and we shall reach with those who are already attained the status of developed countries.
When no suitable actions had been taken in India to root out poverty, it seems the state is waiting for the time when the poor shall finish and we shall claim that we could root out poverty from India. This is not the proper method and had the state taken right steps from the very beginning, the things would have been otherwise. first of we should have put our whole wisdom on the conditions of the poor and we could have removed all those hurdles one by one and at this stage most of the poor people could have been upgraded. If people are illiterate, fault lies on us. If people are not having training in one of the trade as per national requirement, the fault lies on our part. If people are unemployed, the fault lies on our part. These are the three basics which should have got the first attention from our side, but we had been ignoring all these three basics and that is the reason, these three problems are still there and till these problems remain in this country we would never be able to set the things right and we would never be able to root out poverty from India.
We cannot say that there are no competent people who had been holding the charge of this country. There had been wise people, but somehow they could not adopt the right out-way and they too had been working with those who were not experts in all these lines nor they were having any interest in bettering the conditions of the people of this country.
The state, the society and the people of this country and also the people living in other countries where there are poor people, must decide the right course. If they go on the present way, there are no chances that they shall be able to root out poverty from their countries. However there are chances that the poor shall die and poverty shall be a thing of the past. But this is not the right way because the poor have played a very important role in the history of each country and they had been doing all the manual work which the rich could not do and they had been getting very meager wages for that work and had been living with those wages which kept them poor. We should better the condition of the poor people because they too are backbone of the nation and must remain alive because rich people can spend money, but they cannot do manual work which only the poor do and construct each item which turns a country as a developed country. The poor must live and with them a nation shall live. The people who could collect more money must realize that still they need poor people to guard their wealth and without them their own life is not safe.

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