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Article- Holy Days in India

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Holidays in India
Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate

It must be admitted that India is a big country. It is an accepted fact that people different religions are living in India. It must also be admitted that we have provided in our Constitution that we shall not discriminate on the basis of religion, caste or creed. That is the reason, when we are celebrating festivals of Hindus the majority in India, people of other religions and dalits are also coming forward with the demand that their important days should also be declared holidays and the government is bound to accept their demand too. Thus if we really calculate and count all the holidays which the people demand, then we shall have to work only for about two hundred days in a year and the remaining days shall be holidays or optional holidays or closed day. In addition to these holidays, employees are also given all Sundays, Saturdays, National Days as closed days. They have got their own Casual Leaves, their Earned Leaves, their Half-pay leaves and leave without pay. some people are absent without informing the competent authority that they shall not be present on that particular day and they shall be applying for leave etc. after joining their duty.
We also know that people in service become inefficient when they get regularization of their service and when they know that even a private employer shall not be able to shunt them out. We all know that here are much formalities and this course, if adopted, shall also be consuming much time and during this period of disciplinary proceedings, the employee and his officers shall be busy in conducting the disciplinary proceedings. The private employers shall have to join proceedings in the labour courts. So such is the state of affairs in this country. If we meet the officers in government offices, they shall admit that most of their time is wasted in looking day to day administration because their staff is not working properly and they have got unions and associations through which they are wasting the time of administration.
We know that in most of the organizations there is no arrangement of training or refresher courses and that is the reason inefficiency is there in the administration. The files are going on from one table to the other and there is no central administration or a central window from where the applicant shall be having final disposal of his case, his application. He shall have to visit the office time and again and we have been informed that some officers and officials have started taking bribe for completing the work without any further delay. We are finding commission agents near about the office and they shall be getting the work done for others against commissions. They often transfer money to the man in the seat because the man in the seat does not take money directly fearing arrest by the police. It is on record that in India the people who are public servants are more rich than the people who are called masters of this country. It is strange that masters are poor and the public servants are rich. But no one in India is examining this fact and now our elected people have also joined this group of officers and officials and they are getting files completed and they are sharing money coming out of the state exchequer. Even the state knows all this because when one party is out, the other party coming in power starts criminal proceedings against all those who had been in power prior to their coming to the seats of power. If we examine the records of police, courts and other organizations working these fields, we shall find that when the people were in power, these agencies keep silence and when that party is out, they start locating the cases and it would clearly means that when you are in power here in India you should not have worries and it would be better if all the collections are transferred in names of others and nothing should be kept in your name which could be caught and shall become base for noting down that you have more assets than the recognized sources of your income.
So time has come when we should have only four or five national days and every employee be given option of five days on the whole and total earned leave should not be allowed more than five days in a year and the people who do not opt for these holidays should be given double the wages for that day. And time has come when all dead woods should be shunted out and only effective person should be allowed to sit on the seats and when we are verifying antecedents of a person, we should also do like this in case of people who are seeking elections. Such people should be asked to give their names at least six months in advance from the elections so that proper verification could be carried out. The elected members should also be asked to attend meeting each time and if they absent, they should be penalized and people who had been remaining absent should not be allowed to stand in the next election. We are a developing country and therefore, we want workers and not people who are sitting idle and getting pay from the national exchequer which is the money of the people and which is meant for welfare of the people.
We are to work and we should work efficiently and properly and we should ensure that we are serving the people who are real masters of this country. The public servants should not be allowed to function like masters and keep the people slave because if such situations continue, the people would never recognize that we are an independent and democratic country.

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