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Article- All Failed to Reform This Man

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 23   |   Comments: 0

All failed to reform this man
Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

It must be accepted that this man stands there from where he had started. He might have lived in jungle age, in stone age or the like and now he is flying in the skies and talking to the planets, yet the inner side of the man stands there. All religions, all religious books, all religious discourses failed and could not bring fundamental changes in this man. If we study the penal codes of all the countries and bring a list of all crimes, sins and misconducts identified and recognized so far, we shall come to the conclusion that these items are still maintained in these penal codes because there are required to catch this man and then punish him and if we have survey of our jails all over the world or we have a study of all reports with the police and with the Courts, we shall find that all those crimes, sins and misconducts which were available in those old days are still there and this man is committing all these crimes, all these sins and all these misconducts. The people who had been establishing religions, the people who had been writing guidelines for this man in religious books, if come back and see this man, they shall have to admit that they could not bring reforms in this man and in fact they shall have to admit that they have failed. They shall declare that nobody on this earth can reform this man because he listens to the directions of the Devil and never listens to the guidelines of the soul.
We have accepted that this man cannot be reformed and that is the reason, we have established police force, courts and jails so that some control could be imposed on this man and he must be kept in control allowing others to live a life. Had there been no penal codes, had there been no criminal laws, had there been no police, no courts and no jails, this world would have been turned into a Hell which would have been more dangerous than the Hell our religious reformers had given to us. It seems that all the religious reformers and people who had been sent on this earth to reform this man might be standing before God admitting their failure and none of them is willing to take guarantee that he should be sent back once more and he shall correct this man. God Himself is puzzled because of existence of the Devil on this earth. It seems God is not in a position to take back this Devil who had been ruling this world since centuries. Now this Devil has taken up permanent place here and the people shall not be in a position to shunt out this Devil from this earth. The people presently in existence and people coming in this world shall be having more crimes, sins and misconducts in their books and this number shall continue increasing and we shall have to establish more and more police stations, more and more courts and then more and more jails. We must admit that all the people who had been committing crimes, sins and misconducts are not before the law. Most of them could be able to conceal their action and they are safe. Had all the criminals, sinners and people who had been committing misconduct are brought to books, then we shall have to admit that none on this earth could have been out of jails. All of us had been committing crimes, sins and misconducts and somehow we could conceal our actions.
Since religions, laws and governments failed and even God has failed to give right direction to this man on earth, therefore, time has come when we ourselves should start reformation of ourselves. We should conduct an introspection and we should start reforming ourselves. Much time had been wasted in committing wrong actions and much time has been wasted in contesting cases, we should have peace of mind and body and that is possible only if we actually start reforming ourselves. We may keep the religious books apart, but we should know that we had been in the wrong and all these wrongs had been creating pressure on our mind and soul and we had been suffering and now these sufferings have brought so many diseases for us and we are suffering bodily too. Though we had been ignoring all religious guidelines, all laws, all penal codes and all punishments, we had been suffering internally and therefore, we shall have to come out of the grip of this Devil and shall have to understand ourselves and set ourselves right. That is the only out way and if we fail, we shall never be allowed to live a happy life. A man who is concealing things can never remain at peace and when we are not at peace with the life, we shall attract so many diseases which shall kill us slowly and steadily. Though all reformers failed, we should start reforming ourselves because we are the masters of ourselves and we can do what other could not do and failed. When all the crimes, all the sins and all the misconducts have been identified and have been enlisted in codes all over the world, we know all about these bad works and therefore, we can start stopping all these actions from our side and only we can do and once we start doing like this, then we shall be having no burden on our mind and there are chances that we shall not be suffering from long term diseases and deadly diseases. We shall live a free, happy, satisfied and comfortable life.

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