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Aromatherapy Candles- Enjoy the Fragrance in your Room

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 88   |   Comments: 0

A source of light for the people who were in dark was the only aim in minds of those who invented candles. It had no fragrance, preservatives or colors in its preparation. They were plain and made from wax, a substance obtained from honeybee. This product was costlier than paraffin and in olden days was very costly and unaffordable. Michael Richards decided to gather more information about these substances and tried to make candles out of hydrogenated Soya bean oil, which was in the year 1992. Soy candles immediately gained popularity and as time sped by fragrance were included into the mixture of making candles.

Soy Candles have many advantages when compared to paraffin candles like; they were cheap and easily affordable for common person, it is completely natural, they last longer than the other candles, the wax drips from soy candles are easy to remove, they produce less smoke and there are more flavors available in the market.

Now there are many types of candles in the market. Candles even though produce light; it is also helpful for decorative purposes nowadays. Pure essential oils when mixed into the solution gave rise to aromatherapy candles, which delivers peace and calmness to your life. If you feel too much stressed and tensed light these candles in your living room and immediately you can sense a relaxed feeling prevailing in the atmosphere. They create a warm, welcoming and soothing effect whenever lit up and perfectly suits any occasion. Here are a few points, which will help you in preserving the life of your aromatherapy candles longer than usual. Do not keep it near drafts because it can lead to uneven burns and unnecessary dripping of wax, always keep your wick trimmed and short to avoid smoke and soot, and most important of all is that you should burn your candle 1 hour for every inch, which retains the life your candle.

Massage oil candles are another variety, which is widely used nowadays. They are a form of soy candles, which contains essential oils and cosmetic products in them making it excellent for your skin. Avocado, butter, grape seed oil and vitamin E are some of the commonly added beauty ingredients. They pamper your skin by moisturizing it naturally and safely. It also provides nourishment to the skin. Massage oil candles are gaining hype nowadays in the market because of it tender feel on the body.

Whenever candles burn they leave behind smoke and soot which can be seen in the surrounding area. If there is too much smoke, it is unhealthy and advised not to use such candles. To avoid all this confusion wax free candles are available in the market. They do not possess the slimy effect of wax and is easy to clean. They are costlier than soy candles, which hinders the growth of wax free candles.

Even though candles are small and beautiful if you do not take proper precautions, it can be dangerous. Always keep them burning within your sight, keep out of reach from the children, do not allow the candle to completely burn down as it may lead to cracking of the glass container, and keep away flammable products to avoid fire. Candles are natural and simple which makes every occasion vivid. You can always go in for candlelight dinners with your partner and enjoy its fragrance in the sweet moments shared with your lover.

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