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Are You Worried About Drinking Water Contamination?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 63   |   Comments: 0
In the United States, drinking water treatment facilities are required to abide by the rules of the Safe Drinking Water Act established in 1973. Yet today, over 35 years later, there are still numerous incidences of drinking water contamination that cause illness, long-term health problems, cancer and even death.

Public drinking water treatment facilities are required to test for 90 different pollutants and report the results. But, even for the worst violations, legal action is rarely taken.

The Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA is responsible for overseeing the testing, the results and recommending action to be taken. But, even if drinking water contamination has occurred, facilities get numerous warnings before any legal action is taken.

Then, there are the drinking water treatment officials that hide results and report inaccurate information. So, even when the EPA does its job, there is no guarantee that the facility workers are doing theirs.

It is obvious to me that the only way to protect ourselves from the health risks of drinking water contamination is to buy an in-home purifier. You might think that bottled is a better, easier or less expensive choice, but let me explain something to you.

The US FDA regulates bottled waters. The companies are not required to provide something €œbetter than, but only €œas good as a drinking water treatment facility. In other words, you may as well be drinking straight from the tap. That's only one problem.

The bottlers are not required to test for drinking water contamination if they are not shipping over state lines. You might be able to get something pure and clean if the label says that it is bottled in another state, but if you choose to go the bottled route, you should call the manufacturer and ask them which purification process they use. They are not required to use one.

If they rely on the local drinking water treatment system for purification, there may be chlorine and its cancer-causing byproducts in that bottle. And, no matter what measures they take, the waters will absorb chemicals used to manufacturer the plastic bottle. Those chemicals may cause numerous long-term health problems because they act like the hormone estrogen within the human body.

Then, there is the concern about all of those bottles filling up landfills and polluting our environment. Billions of bottles are sold every year and most are not recycled.

As for price, for less than a dime a day, you can get all clean water that you want from a home drinking water treatment system. If you are relying on bottled, you are spending twice that on one 16 ounce bottle.

The drinking water contamination that you should be concerned about includes traces of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, lead and parasitic cysts. No matter how good your local facility is, all of these may still be present. But you can protect yourself, if you buy the right water purifier for your home.
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