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Are You Happy Today?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 18   |   Comments: 0

As the days passed by quietly, I suddenly realized: Everyday in the past are all the todays that passed, everyday in the future are all the todays that are yet to come. We simply live through countless todays. Yesterday was the today of the past, today is the today of today, and tomorrow is the today of the future.

In fact, in a person's life, everyday equals to today.  Every day starts with today, unable to go beyond today, and cannot exist without today. 365 days in a year, which day does not start with today? A life compiled with thousands of days - all are created through today.

No matter how good today is, how happy, how sad - nobody can share it with you because this today is your today. Everyone has their own today and everyone's today is different. Nobody's today can replace your today, yet your today wins over countless todays of other people.

Today is the most precious yet it is also easiest to lose. Lost one today, you say it doesn't matter because there's another today tomorrow. Lost another today, you will say the same because you think there are countless todays to come. Even though you will have many todays after, but those todays are no longer the same as the one you have right now.

Today cannot be repeated, today cannot be copied, because it is a unique today. As of today I am writing this article on January 25th, 2011 - once this day has passed, will I ever get another January 25th of 2011? No, we will never have another January 25th, 2011 ever again.

Today will not be stolen by others. If today is stolen, it is only by you. If you had regret or complain for today, it is like you wasted a day.

Today is like your bank account, if you don't save money today, how will you earn interest in the future? Today is like a seed, if you don't water it today, how will it grow flower in the future? Today is like a relationship, if you don't share your love, how will you have a happy lasting relationship?

Even though today's wishes will only come true in the future, but you must plant the seed of wishes today. If you only wish without planting the seeds, no matter how great your wishes are, your wishes will never come true.

If you put yesterday, today, and tomorrow on a scale, today will weigh the heaviest. "Today" is a simple word, but it is enough for you to write for a life. Someone who treats every day as "today", I believe he or she will have a wonderful day every day of their lives.

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