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Are There Good Water Dispensers For Home?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0

I started drinking bottled water some 20 years ago, when I was in my teens. Not because I didn't like the taste of my parent's tap water, but because I thought that spring water, which bottled water usually is, was healthier for me.

I remember thinking at the time - wouldn't it be great if there were water dispensers for home.

A few years later, my parents installed a water filtration system in the house which also had a water cooling facility. This was great because now, in the hotter summer months, we could all drink chilled water.

I really thought this was a great idea, but I still preferred my bottled spring water.

When I left school, I started a job in an office as a very lowly office junior and because of my position in the company, I was made to sit next to a 5 gallon water cooler, where I was expected to dish out chilled water to my more senior colleagues, on demand.

It was probably a bit naïve of me, but all the films I had seen on the TV showed people in offices using drinking fountains, so I was quite surprised to see something a little more hygenic.

A year on, I was promoted to office assistant, thanks to a new office manager. She scrapped the old 5 gallon water cooler and replaced it with a brand spanking new hot and cold water dispenser. Things were looking up, because now I could make myself fresh tea and coffee!

Nowadays, we all take the office water coolers or the office hot drinks machine for granted, but wouldn't it be really great if we could have a smaller, nicer looking system, that did all the same things as the more expensive office machines, but which fitted neatly in the home kitchen?

One where you could drink beautiful chilled spring water on demand, have instant hot water just when we need it, without having to boil a kettle every time you fancied a coffee or tea.

Well there is such a product it's called "The Esio Beverage System" and I have one sitting in my kitchen, so happily, there are water dispensers for home!


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