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Are Resale Rights Products Profitable?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 35   |   Comments: 0

Are Resale Rights Products Profitable?

Whoever claimed that poor people would profit in the internet era, was absolutely right. Nowadays, almost all households around the world are connected to the information superhighway, or at least have connection access in schools, offices, cyber cafes or other public places.

Connection is established via either broadband or dial-up, which makes understandable the increasing number of vendors commercializing tangible and intangible goods, and even their intellectual property through new schemes including resale rights products.

During 1999, 17 million American households were shopping online, generating online retail sales of 20.2 billion dollars, and it was estimated that 7 million consumers were making their first online purchase. By 2004 the number jumped to 49 million households spending 184 billion dollars online. With this number of consumers it is not hard to resell products with resale rights and expect profitable results.

The Internet is a kind of counterweight: giving the same access to information to all surfers regardless of their gender, age, religion, social status, nationality, or any condition. The amount of money shoppers spend online will increase significantly over the next few years with the online retail industry reshaping according to the users' needs.

Retailers and resellers sell all types of tangible and intangible goods, simultaneously through multiple retail channels. From stores to catalogues, call centers, interactive TV, mobile devices, online catalogs, email campaigns and websites.


Most popular among all those goods is perhaps the reselling of infoproducts as they are the most profitable. The low costs of reselling the goods and the immediate access to all those potential shoppers make it almost a sure thing that profit can be made, if done right. It is after all, a business that can be run with low administrative needs or additional costs.

The additional benefits of resell rights products gives resellers the opportunity to get back the money they spent on the goods with one sale made and the subsequent sales become 100% profits.

Although there are many scams, and get-rich-quick fraudulent schemes, many organizations have evolved denouncing those activities and they keep evolving day by day to grant confidentiality in the purchase and resale of online goods. Reselling intangible products is a real opportunity for serious vendors, merchants, memberships, developers, entrepreneurs or common people exercising their reselling rights.

The opportunity is potentially profitable because people only need basically a computer and access to the internet. For those who use both of them on a daily basis, this activity does not cause extra costs and makes the current scheduled expense more income-producing.

The seeking of the golden opportunity starts with the analysis of these resale product opportunities. You need to find those products offering resale rights as well as the info suitable for your potential shoppers, in addition to the tools to customize the resale rights to your name, and the proper guidance and commitment to your objectives.

According to Forrester Research, to remain competitive in what they call the "Post-Web" retail industry, a striking balance between product offering size and profitability will be the key to keep internet sales growing year after year. Setting your goals and the customers you want to reach may help you to define not only the products you want to resell, but also the amount that you may earn through this activity.

Software Products

It is a fact that software products have much higher price tags than e-books, which means you can generate more profits per sale. But many people just want information, not to learn how to operate new programs or computers systems. Both goods are profitable resale products, both may include or may not include full resale rights or partial resale rights, but the key to success in making money is choosing the right product for the right audience, and promoting it.

You may resell products that literally save humanity or simply help others to achieve a success. Or even teach a specific subject.

You may obtain products with full master resell rights, and at a low cost permitting a huge margin of profits. But none of this will be worth anything if the world isn't aware of your products.

People who want to resell products must not fail to promote them, either through their own websites, via an mail signature file, or via email campaigns without spamming, or just simply by using the tools that usually come with their resale rights products.

Yes, resale rights products can be profitable if you use some creativity and put together a package that is different from the competition's. Resale rights prodcuts are currently the rage, but extremely competitive.

If the product you buy comes with a premade sales page, use it but change it enough so it can't be compared with the competition. Your offering must stand out.

And remember to promote creatively. Having the offering just sitting on your web site will not get you many sales. You must actively promote, if you want to take advantage of the profitability potential. Of all the methods to use, joint ventures has the greatest potential. We'll talk more about it another time. Good luck.

by Fred Farah

copyright 2005

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